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Tips to take care of your AC to make it last longer

Have you ever felt tired in your AC room? Or do you feel chill in the AC room because of the cold air coming out from it?In either case, what are the ways to take care of your AC unit aside from calling denver air conditioning repair  for maintenance to keep it efficient for long time use.

The extra energy consumption can be frustrating when you manage your monthly expenses carefully. One way is to clean your AC filter or replace them regularly. If not cleaned or replaced regularly, the motor will work harder because of less airflow entering the room. Not only that, if the filter remains dirty over a long period, this will affect how much CO2 can be removed from inside your room. That’s why give some attention to cleaning and changing filters regularly.

Control the thermostat

Another thing is controllable, and it’s your thermostat. When you keep your thermostat at a lower temperature, but the room still feels hotter than usual, chances are your AC unit cannot bring down the room temperature as programmed. Try to adjust it to increase the temperature by 1°C-2°C so that the desired temperature can be met.

Also, remember to close all windows and doors if possible during summer days and nights since this will affect how fast the cold air comes out from it. At last, do not try to put on schedule or set a timer for your AC unit, especially with using an old one, because this may result in overheat problems which can damage the AC unit.

Did you know that by doing these simple things, your air conditioner will work better?

In today’s scorching heat, probably the number one item on our minds is controlling the temperature of our homes. In the summertime especially, it can get very hot, and depending on where you live, it can also become humid. A lot of us don’t take care of the appliances that we use to control our home temperatures.

Take a look at some ways you can take care of your AC this summer:

Clean or Change Your Air Filter

This may seem like a no-brainer but changing or cleaning your air filter makes a big difference. When the airflow from your furnace passes through dirty filters, more strain is put on the system. Less airflow means less cooling; this in turn will end up costing you more.

If your house is not equipped with an air filter, simply place a clean sheet of paper over the return grill before turning on your AC. You can also use air conditioner cover.

Keep Your Outdoor Unit Clear of Debris

Most outdoor units are placed near the ground, and therefore they collect lots of dirt and debris that needs to be cleared away periodically. If there is too much debris around or near your AC’s outdoor unit, it can interfere with proper airflow causing strain on the entire system resulting in a decrease in overall performance. Even grass clippings from a lawnmower could cause damage if blown into an outdoor AC unit by a strong gust of so be sure to keep your

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