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Unique & Fun Alternatives To Traditional Furniture Pieces

After the utter devastation of the worldwide coronavirus is finally beginning to recede into the recent past instead of constantly existing in the present, there is a definite move in style and home fashion and décor trends to a more unusual, alternative, and altogether more laid-back approach to home furnishings.

Continue reading for a guide to the hottest unique, fun, and quirky alternatives to traditional pieces of furniture.

Bean Bags

There are a plethora of amazing advantages to shunning traditional couches in favor of a classy, stylish, and incredibly comfortable Comfy Sack large bean bag chair. The whole family, and your pet, can enjoy snuggling into the bean bag whilst watching a movie You can also treat yourself to an afternoon nap or else work on a laptop or tablet whilst simultaneously supporting your shoulders and back and feeling as comfortable as can be.

Decorative Ladders

Instead of conventional and simplistic shelving units, opt for one or two decorative ladders that are positioned carefully by leaning them against a corner of a room on the wall.

Admittedly though, you will have to be a person who is particularly organized, mainly as every single item you own will be on show. However, decorative ladders are a great way of uniquely displaying your souvenirs from your travels, particular books that convey to a visitor to your home your style and personality, and also are significantly easier and less time-consuming to keep clean.

Fabric Ottomans

A fabulously stylish and equally as practical alternative to a coffee table in the middle of the room is the repurposing of a fabric storage ottoman. The hidden space inside the ottoman will be perfect for keeping the room as tidy as possible and the addition of leveling coasters or table mats will mean you can rest your hot drinks and dinner plates with no fear of spillage and mess.

Clothes Organizers

In your bedroom or, if you are fortunate to have the space and room in your budget, your dressing room, there are plenty of fabulous alternatives to a traditional dresser. One such substitute is the investment in clothes organizers, which can be mounted on the wall and thus save a considerable amount of floor space in the room.

Plant Poles

Instead of having your various indoor plants in mismatched pots around the house, consider treating yourself to a specifically designed plant pole with pull-out, tiered shelves on which to display your plants.

Indoor plants are trending right now as one of the most desirable feature elements of any room and if you choose to go down this road, be sure to find out which plants work best growing and thriving indoors. If you prefer plants that enjoy moisture and damp air, display such plants in the bathroom or even the kitchen to give them the best chance at survival.

Some of the best plants for indoor living include African figs, rubber plants, fishtail palms, and the beautiful and therapeutic bonsai tree.

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