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What Time of Year Is Best To Replace Windows?

Windows bring light and ventilation into a home and provide a connection to your home’s exteriors. Over time, your windows can deteriorate, letting in drafts and making your house less energy efficient. It is best to replace your windows if they no longer serve their functional purpose. Here are the best times of year for a window replacement Columbus Ohio service:


Spring is a popular time to schedule a window replacement Columbus Ohio service due to the season’s mild weather. Replacing your windows in springtime protects your home from summer’s heat and winter’s low temperatures. Spring weather is warm, which keeps your house from losing excess energy through cooling and heating during the replacement services. By replacing your windows in springtime, you can prepare your home for the hot summer and cold winter seasons, improving your home’s energy efficiency.

Installing new windows in the early spring can also reduce the amount of pollen and allergens that get into your house through faulty windows. Contact your local window replacement service early to avoid long wait times, as many homeowners replace their windows during spring. 


Summertime is another ideal season for window replacement in Ohio, which experiences moderately hot summers. The warm summer weather creates a comfortable environment for you and the installation crew. Longer daylight hours in summer provide installers with adequate time to work, potentially speeding the installation process. Too much heat may interfere with the sealing and curing of window installation materials, so it is best to schedule summertime window installations during the morning or evening when the weather is not too hot.

Consider turning off your AC system during the installation service to prevent excess energy consumption. Replacing your windows with more energy-efficient options during summer can help keep your home cooler, reducing your dependence on your AC. 


Ohio residents experience mild-to-cool temperatures during the fall before the onset of winter weather. Replacing drafty windows during fall keeps your home well-insulated and prepared for winter. By replacing your old windows, you can prevent mold growth and moisture damage, which can occur during cooler seasons. With new, energy-efficient windows, your home can save energy on heating, reducing monthly energy bills.

Demand for window installation services tends to be low in the colder months. Contractors have more free time, allowing you to schedule window installation at your convenience. The reduced demand may also lower window replacement costs during the fall.  


Winter may not be the best time to replace your windows, but it can be a viable option on warmer days. If you discover that your windows are drafty during the winter, it is wise to replace them as soon as possible to prevent further energy loss. Winter is considered the off-season for window replacement, so securing a convenient replacement day may be easier and less expensive. 

Window Replacement Columbus Ohio

The best time to replace your windows depends on your budget, the weather, and the state of your windows. Replace your windows during seasons with mild weather conditions to prevent energy loss during installation. If you’re on a tight budget, consider replacing your windows during seasons when the demand for the service is lower to reduce installation costs.

Regardless of the time of year, hire a reputable Columbus Ohio window replacement company for a high-quality installation service. Contact a window replacement company in your area today for a cost estimate. 

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