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Which Aesthetic Should You Choose for Your Home?

When you decide to redecorate your home, your choice of aesthetic or theme determines everything from the wallpaper to the furnishings. No article can tell you which aesthetic to choose, but this article aims to provide information to help you decide which aesthetic works best with your personality.

Common Aesthetic Decors

Most homes use a contemporary or transitional aesthetic, but if you build a custom home, as did the owners of 19% of single-family homes completed in 2022, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, you choose your aesthetic. Typical choices of decor themes include:

  • Contemporary
  • Industrial
  • Mid-century modern
  • Rustic
  • Traditional
  • Transitional

Other aesthetics, such as Y2K, dark academia, and light academia, prove rarer in use but continue to grow in popularity.

Mixing Aesthetics

Most homes use more than one decor theme. For example, 29.51% of bathrooms use a contemporary design aesthetic, but that doesn’t mean the whole home uses that aesthetic. It’s common to use transitional in living rooms and dining rooms but to vary the bedrooms. In these personal spaces, the owner of each bedroom typically chooses the desired theme.

Children and teenagers enjoy a wider range of theme choices for their bedrooms. These choices include Y2K, Boho, cottagecore, galaxy, vintage, and many others that reflect their personalities and interests. Choose a safe aesthetic for guest bedrooms, such as Mid-century modern or traditional.

Exterior Aesthetics

The exterior of the home does need a unified aesthetic. Traditional homes tend to feature clapboard or siding and shutters on the windows, which, according to Home Depot, consist of wood, vinyl, or composite. Rustic homes feature natural materials, such as stone, wood, or clay. Contemporary and industrial exteriors use lots of steel and glass.

Choosing a Decor Theme Using Colors

Integrating your favorite colors into your home’s decor can help you love your home even more. Bright colors, like red and yellow, belong to contemporary decor. You’ll find neutral shades like beige, cream, tan, white, and gray used in both transitional and modern decor. Dark academia uses deep wines and dark browns with black.

Consider What You Own

When remodeling, most people keep some of their existing furniture, if not all of it. They may have some pieces reupholstered or restored. Consider the existing furnishings when deciding on the decor theme. If you own a house full of Mid-century modern furniture, you will have to replace it to achieve an industrial or contemporary aesthetic.

Research Interior Decors

Leaf through decor magazines for ideas. Take photos of the magazine or use its digital version to download the photos of the decors you like. Use the photo search on Bing or Google to find more examples of the same type of decor aesthetic. This process lets you familiarize yourself with the range of the theme and examine multiple examples of it.

Choosing Your Design Aesthetic

Deciding to remodel your home requires some planning, but the results can make it seem as if you moved to a new house without having to pack a single box. Start by deciding on the colors you want to use, then peruse magazines and decorating websites for photos of decors you like. Use the photo search on Bing or Google to find more examples of the type of decor you like so you can show them to your decorator.

Hire a professional decorator to handle the nitty-gritty of remodeling. The decorator hires painters, wallpaper hangers, carpenters, and shops for the furnishings. Their industriousness saves you time and results in a unified design for your home. Ask friends and family who they used as interior decorators or interior designers to quickly find high-quality individuals to interview.

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