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Why you should build a Conservatory

Every homeowner dreams of having their own space, whether that might be their garden, or their bedroom, or some other room in their house, or maybe they don’t quite feel like they have found that space.

When you own a house it is not uncommon to have some sort of extension built, but what will make this extra room in your house? Perhaps it will be an extra bedroom, or maybe you need space for your pets to sleep, or maybe you need extra storage space.

If those aren’t what you are looking to build then maybe you want to build a conservatory, but why should you build one, and what will it add to your life? Well we have all the answers right here, keep scrolling to see why you should build one.

1 – They let in light

It is not unknown that sunlight produces Vitamin D which can be a great benefit to our bodies, which means a conservatory would be a great place to sit and relax to improve your health, especially if it’s during the winter.

Going out and about, whether that is for a walk, cycle, run or just to visit your local supermarket can often do the trick but when it’s pouring down with rain or very windy you are a lot less likely to do so.

Thanks to conservatories having excellent lighting due to their windows, doors and glass roofs you can sit there all year round and enjoy any sunlight that gets in.

2 – An extra room for your home

Everyone wants more space in their homes, there are many reasons why you might need more room, perhaps you are starting a family and need more room for a playroom, or maybe you just need an extra place for adults to chill at in the evening.

It doesn’t matter what the reason is a conservatory offers more space, on top of that you can even make it into any room you want, a spare living room, an office or even a dining room.

3 – Extra value for your home

If you are looking to sell your home, a conservatory can be a great way to bump up the price of your house, so if it is comfortable and well insulated you are onto something.

A buyer is more likely to purchase a home that is already completed so that they won’t have to do it themselves.

4 – It’s cheaper than moving

If you do need a new room, or you are bored of decorating the same rooms, then an extension can be an excellent way to save you money over buying a bigger and more pricey house.

With rising house prices people are electing to stay in their homes and extend them if need be.

Not only that there is also a way to have a loft conservatory as well as the regular one.

5 – Good use of the garden

If you have a lot of space in your garden that you are not using, a good use of space would be to have a conservatory.

A lot of people don’t actually use their gardens to its full potential, so with a conservatory you will be more likely to go into your garden if you are able to see what is going on.

6 – They look smart

There is no way for someone to say that a conservatory doesn’t look good, you have an extra room, full of light, making the house seem more spacious and bright.

7 – Use it all year round

Owning a conservatory means that it will be used all year round, in the past they were harder to use due to being able to really feel the weather.

However now you are able to heat your conservatory as well as having blinds to make it cooler, you could even install a fan into the roof.

8 – Choose a conservatory to suit your home

Conservatories can come in many different sizes and shapes, as well as being able to choose a style for it meaning that it can easily fit your House.

Not only that but you can add personal touches to it very easily, making it really feel like a part of your house.

9 –  It doubles up as a greenhouse

As mentioned previously you can really turn it into anything, even a greenhouse for those who are keen gardeners and love their plants.

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