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4 Bollywood superstars and the sports they love

Bollywood is one of India’s biggest sources of pride. The industry has enviably blossomed, with Bollywood stars easily becoming global celebrities.

Of course, while most such celebrities are renowned for their acting mastery, some still retain a passion for sports. These sports are not unpopular either, as most are featured on top bookmaker apps like 1xbet, as reviewed on

In this article, we will discuss four elite Bollywood stars and the sports they have loudly proclaimed their love for.

1. Ashkay Kumar (Martial Arts)

Askay Kumar is one of the most notable names in Bollywood. He’s spent over 30 years in the industry and has won many awards. His most notable accomplishments include receiving the fourth-highest civilian honor from the government of India and winning two national film awards.

Askay Kumar is among India’s wealthiest celebrities and was among the highest-paid actors globally from 2015-2020. If you’re his fan, you’re familiar with how he perfects stunts in his films. His stunt-making ability is representative of his martial arts prowess.

He was a trainer before acting and currently has a martial arts school that teaches women self-defense. While martial arts are his favorite sport, Kumar also enjoys football, swimming, parkour, and Karate.

2. Rahul Bose (Rugby)

Rahul Bose is a man that has seen admirable success in sports and acting. He starred in his first play at six and displayed skills beyond his age. 

His mother realized his potential and nurtured his acting talent, which set him up for a career in Bollywood. Bose combined acting with sports until he released his first film, “English, August.”

It’s best to introduce him sporting-wise as the current chairman of the India Rugby Union. His love for the sport was massive, but his abilities were even better. Bose was among the first Indian Rugby team to compete at an international tournament in 1998.

He played professional Rugby for many more years before he retired in 2009. Since then, he’s been a member of the Indian Rugby Board and unarguably one of India Rugby’s biggest names.

3. Ranbir Kapoor (Football)

He’s the son of RishiWhen you’re the son Kapoor and Neetu Singh, you barely have any other choice than become a Bollywood star yourself. 

However, he didn’t let luxury get into his head and worked hard to become a prominent actor. Seeing his roots, it’s not hard to understand why he’s one of India’s finest actors. 

However, he didn’t let his love for acting overshadow his passion for football.

He’s played in many celebrity matches and is a die-hard Barcelona fan. Kapoor is also the co-owner of Mumbai City FC, an Indian Super League team.

He showed extreme love for football and Diego Maradona when he honored a celebrity match to celebrate the Argentine’s death’s death in 2021. 

Kapoor stated at the event that Diego Maradona inspired his fondness for the game. It isn’t surprising because Maradona loves India and has visited multiple times.

4. Deepika Padukone (Badminton)

Deepika Padukone could’ve been one of India’s best badminton players. Her father, Prakash Padukone, was a renowned Badminton player and the world number one in 1980. 

Padukone initially followed his steps and seemed poised for success, competing in national-level championships.

However, fashion got the better of her, and she dropped her badminton career to focus on becoming a model. From modeling, an invite came for her first movie role, an offer she found difficult to resist. 

She stuck with acting and is one of the most influential actresses in Bollywood.

She plays badminton to this day, and you can find her on the court if she’s not busy on set. Her affiliation with sports played a huge role in her unveiling the 2022 FIFA World Cup trophy during the final.

So here we are! We have enjoyably learned about four Bollywood stars and the sports that delight them. Of course, this list is not exhaustive. Can you suggest any Bollywood celebrity you feel should be on this list (and the game they love)?

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