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Finding the Right Boat Storage Facility for Your Boat

Perfect boat storage facilities should be affordable, secure, and accessible while providing the right amenities and services for you and your craft. Long-term and stress-free boat ownership may depend on finding a reliable boat storage facility. Here are some tips on how to find the right boat storage:

Determine Your Boat’s Dimensions

Boat storage facilities offer spaces in various sizes. Knowing your boat’s dimensions lets you confirm that you have chosen a unit that fits your boat comfortably. It prevents scenarios where your boat might be too large for a chosen space, causing potential damage or inconvenience. Determining your boat’s dimensions is a significant step when looking for the perfect storage facility. Here are the steps you need to follow:

Measure the Length

The length of your boat is measured from the bow (the front) to the stern (the back). You may need a long measuring tape for this task, ideally one that can stretch the entire length of your boat. This is one of the most imperative measurements as it can determine the minimum depth of the storage unit needed. If any additional parts stick out beyond the stern like a swim platform or motor, include them in your measurements. They will also need to fit inside the storage unit.

Measure the Width

Also known as the beam, the width of your boat can be measured at its widest point. For some boats, the width is often measured at the back of the boat near the stern. This measurement is key because it dictates the minimum width of the storage unit.

Measure the Height

This measurement confirms that your boat can fit comfortably within the height restrictions of the storage unit. Position the boat on a trailer to get the most accurate measurement. Find the highest fixed point on your boat. This could be the top of the windshield, a radar arch, or a fishing rod holder. Use a tape measure from the bottom of the hull if the boat is out of the water or from the ground if the boat is on a trailer to the highest point you identified.

Identify the Types of Boat Storage Units

Finding the right storage facility for your boat involves understanding the available boat storage units. Here is an overview of the various options:

Indoor Storage Units

Indoor storage units can offer the most protection for your boat. They are typically climate-controlled, which helps to protect your boat from the elements, including UV rays, rain, and extreme temperatures. 

Outdoor Storage Units

Outdoor storage units consist of a designated space in a secure parking lot. This type of storage can be a good option if you plan to use your boat regularly or have a high-quality cover to protect your boat.

Covered Storage Units

This is a middle-ground option between outdoor and indoor storage. Covered storage units offer some protection from the elements. These units typically have a canopy or roof structure covering multiple boats.

Choose the Right Boat Storage Facilities

Choose the proper facility to protect your boat. To find the greatest deal and services that meet your budget, compare nearby storage facilities. When deciding where to store your boat, remember that surveillance, 24/7 access, and location can also determine how well-suited a facility may be for your boat.

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