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How To Choose a Bike for an Off-Road Adventure

A bike can take you many places: along quiet neighborhood streets, on the beach, over trails in city parks and on roads in the city and the country. Hybrid bikes can even take you off-road, on trails that wind through forests and follow streams and lakes. An off-road bike will handle tricky surfaces that change from sand to dirt to stones and it will roll over roots and rocks and other obstacles. For this type of biking, a hybrid bike offers a nice mix of versatility, toughness and comfort. This bike style delivers a blend of road and mountain biking features, allowing you to go from one type of riding to the other all in the same day. It is made for the person who likes some variety in the type of riding he or she enjoys. While off-road biking is certainly different than riding on roads, many people love the combination of adventure, freedom and closeness to nature.

Tips for Biking on Dirt Trails

To get the most of a lightweight bike made for mountain biking, it’s good to understand you need a slightly different skill set and attitude. While it’s up to you to decide how aggressive you want to get, taking to dirt trails is partially about your frame of mind. If you are new to the sport, consider these tips on your first few rides:

Stay focused to watch out for roots, rocks and other obstacles

Choose a trail that is flat and easy at first

Watch out for loose patches of sand

Relax on the bike and maintain a good body position

Pay special attention to your braking system 

Try out harder trails as you gain confidence

Mountain bike trails vary greatly, from those that do not require much in the way of technical skills to those that take years to master. If you love this style of riding, there is always something to learn and always the opportunity to improve. The ability to ride on dirt and gravel opens up the chance to explore new areas and to gain new biking skills.

Steps for Reaching the Next Level

One way to conquer harder trails is to consider a fat tire bike. These models have much wider tires than other bikes, often as thick as four inches. At times you will have to worker harder on these bikes, especially going up hills. The advantage, though, is that this bike style is a bit more stable, more easily goes over rocks and branches and is better in thick sand. It’s a little more common when mountain biking to fall or even crash into branches, so many riders like to wear knee pads and elbow pads for protection. Vigilance is the best way to avoid falls, as well as picking routes that are suitable to your experience.

To get even more out mountain biking, check out a fat tire electric bike for sale. This model will take you off the beaten path and allow you to use an electrical motor at your discretion. Shop online today and plan an off-road journey.

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