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What Are the Best Bonuses Available on Sweepstakes Casinos?

Sweepstakes casinos are increasing in popularity on a seemingly daily basis, as more and more people hear about them and the benefits of playing casino games on their platforms. The great thing about this is that there are now lots of sweepstakes casinos to choose from. Why is this important? Well, when it comes to any type of online casino, competition from other businesses often leads to fantastic bonuses for users, which are used as an incentive to register and keep playing. 

The purpose of this post is to give you a rundown of what you need to know about sweepstakes casinos. We’ll be looking at what sweepstakes casinos are, how they are different from regular online casinos you might have tried, and the best bonuses to look out for if you’re planning to give them a go. Let’s get straight into it, so you can start enjoying these bonuses as quickly as possible.  

Sweepstakes Casinos Explained

For the most part, sweepstakes casinos look and feel like traditional online casinos. You’ll find a lot of the same casino games on these platforms, such as roulette, blackjack, poker, other popular mobile card games, slots, jackpot games, and so on.

However, these platforms don’t allow real money wagering. Instead, they use a sweepstakes model, which means you’ll be playing games with two different types of currencies:

  1. Gold Coins (or Equivalent): These are bought directly from the sweepstakes casino and are then used to play games. They don’t hold monetary value and can’t be exchanged or withdrawn.
  1. Sweeps Coins (or Equivalent): These are given out for free when players register, make deposits, log in regularly, take part in competitions, enter giveaways, and more. They also don’t hold monetary value. However, they are different from Gold Coins because they can be exchanged for sweepstakes prizes, including real money, which can then be withdrawn into the user’s bank account.

The above makes sweepstakes casinos legal in many US states where traditional online casinos are prohibited.

Sweepstakes Casinos Bonuses 

Like standard online casinos, sweepstakes casinos provide users with lots of different bonuses. The main reasons for doing this are to attract players to sign up and then to encourage them to return regularly to keep playing. 

However, many of these bonuses are worth taking advantage of, including the following:

No-Deposit Bonuses

When it comes to sweepstakes casinos, no deposit offers are incredibly popular with players. As the name suggests, users don’t need to make a payment with this bonus but will receive free Sweeps Coins or equivalent. This is great because it provides a risk-free opportunity to try new games, as well as being beneficial to newcomers, as they can then get to grips with the rules without worrying about losing any money.

Deposit Bonuses

When a user buys Gold Coins or equivalent, they will often receive some free Sweeps Coins as a bonus for doing so. Of course, this leads to a larger account balance and, therefore, the opportunity to play for longer and a chance to win more Sweeps Coins without spending further money.

Welcome Bonuses

Welcome bonuses vary from sweepstakes casino to sweepstakes casino but will often involve either a large deposit bonus or a no-deposit bonus just for registering. These bonuses tend to be generous because they are used as an incentive for new players to sign up. With so many sweepstakes casinos around now, there is an opportunity for users to take advantage of lots of these welcome bonuses across different platforms.

Reload Bonuses

Reload bonuses are exclusive to current members and tend to be offered to players who have previously made a deposit. The idea here is to convince the player to make another deposit to receive another bonus. If you’re planning to buy Gold Coins anyway, these reload bonuses are fantastic because you’ll receive more for your money and, therefore, a bigger chance to win more Sweeps Coins.

Daily Login Bonuses

A common theme with sweepstakes casinos is to reward players for being active. Therefore, you’ll often find daily login bonuses on platforms, which are exactly as they sound – log in every day to continue receiving free Sweeps Coins or equivalent. These are some of the best bonuses available because they don’t require a deposit and you can then use your free Sweeps Coins to try to win more.

Social Media Bonuses

Some sweepstakes casinos provide users with free Sweeps Coins for taking part in social media activities. For example, players may be asked to like a specific social media post, which will then trigger the bonus. These are certainly worth taking part in if you’re active on social media platforms. 

Free Spins

Like most online casinos, sweepstakes casinos sometimes offer players free spins. These bonuses are often used to advertise a new slot – “Get 10 free spins on X slot”. The hope is that players will enjoy the slot and will then want to keep playing it. Of course, the positive here is that you usually don’t need to deposit to get the free spins. However, some bonuses may require one – “Buy X number of Gold Coins and get 10 free spins”. 

Loyalty Bonuses

Loyalty bonuses are reserved for long-term players, as a thank you for continuing to play at the sweepstakes casino. They will often involve free Sweeps Coins, spins, and so on.

Referral Bonuses

Like most businesses, sweepstakes casinos love it when you send more customers their way. Therefore, some sweepstakes casinos will send users free Sweeps Coins when another person signs up for the platform via their affiliate link. If you know someone who wants to join, this is certainly worth looking into because you may as well get something for your recommendation.

VIP Bonuses

Not all sweepstakes casinos offer these, but some do. Ultimately, they are reserved for the most dedicated players, which usually translates to those who make a lot of deposits. Don’t forget that these sweepstakes casinos are businesses after all. VIP bonuses can refer to lots of different things, such as larger bonuses when depositing, generous daily login bonuses, and free play on new games. 

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