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G20 Summit: Good news! New Delhi Declaration approved by G-20 countries, PM Modi gave them credit, understand how this is a big success for India

The New Delhi Leaders’ Manifesto is being described as the most detailed and comprehensive manifesto so far. This time more issues have been agreed upon than in the previous meeting. A total of 112 issues have been included in this manifesto.

A big victory came on Saturday for India’s G-20 presidency.
‘New Delhi Leaders Summit Declaration’ was adopted with everyone’s consent among the member countries.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave this information while addressing the second session of the summit at Bharat Mandapam.

PM Modi said, we have just received good news that due to the hard work of our teams and your cooperation, a consensus has been reached on the New Delhi G-20 Leaders Summit declaration. Prime Minister Modi said that I want to thank my ministers, Sherpas and all the officials who made this possible with their hard work.

Problem was coming due to Russia-Ukraine issue

It is noteworthy that earlier there were difficulties in getting this manifesto approved due to the Russia-Ukraine issue. However, India later made changes in the paragraphs of the declaration, which made it easier to get approval. The new text in India’s declaration on Ukraine was shared as G-20 leaders began deliberations on serious global challenges on the first day of the summit. In the G-20 Sherpa meeting held in Nuh district of Haryana from September 3-6, no consensus was reached on the text mentioning Ukraine issue.

The most detailed and comprehensive manifesto ever

The New Delhi Leaders’ Manifesto is being described as the most detailed and comprehensive manifesto so far. This time more issues have been agreed upon than the previous meeting. A total of 112 issues have been included in this manifesto. Giving information about the first day of the G-20 meeting, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar said that emphasis has been laid on one earth, one family and one future in the summit. He said that this time the main focus of the meeting is on sustainable and green development. Along with this, it has also been agreed to take steps to prevent terrorism and money laundering.

Attack on sovereignty of any nation is not acceptable

Talking about the manifesto, the Foreign Minister said that the issue has been raised in it that the sovereignty of any nation should not be attacked. The border of any country should not be encroached on the basis of force. Along with this, consensus has been reached on reviving multilateralism and the issue of strong, sustainable and inclusive development and agreed to emphasize the priorities of the Global South.

What is the meaning of New Delhi manifesto?

Talking about the meaning of the New Delhi Manifesto, an attempt has been made to include China and Pakistan in it. China is pursuing its expansionist policy in Asia. This is the reason why from time to time he keeps releasing controversial maps regarding the border areas of India. Recently, he had released a controversial map of Arunachal Pradesh and had also changed the names of many towns of the state. China’s figure of thirty-six is ​​also going on with Taiwan. China claims Taiwan as its share. On the other hand, there is Pakistan which keeps targeting neighboring countries with the help of terrorism.

What is in the New Delhi manifesto

1. Strong, sustainable, balanced and inclusive growth.

2. Accelerating progress on SDGs.

3. Green Development Agreement for a Sustainable Future.

4. Multilateral institutions for the 21st century.

5. Technological change and digital public infrastructure.

6. International taxation.

7. Gender equality and empowerment of all women and girls.

8. Financial sector issues.

9. Combating terrorism and money laundering.

10. Building a more inclusive world.

Green development agreement sealed

At the same time, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has said that India’s presidency has provided solutions to many issues. Green development agreement has been approved for sustainable development. There has been talk of paying attention to those countries which are developing. Global challenges of the 21st century have also been discussed. Along with this, there has also been a discussion among the G-20 leaders about the growing trend of crypto around the world and its impact.

Biofuel Alliance for the Environment

With the beginning of the G-20 Summit, many major decisions were taken in the first session itself. PM Modi addressed the media after the conclusion of the first session ‘One Earth’. The PM said that in the first session of the G-20 Summit, it has been agreed to form a Global Biofuel Alliance to promote the use of clean fuel. Along with this, the PM said that we are starting the Global Biofuel Alliance and India invites the whole world to join this initiative.

A task force will be created for the global campaign

Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva said that during his country’s G-20 presidency, a task force will be created for the global campaign against climate change. We want to reach COP 30 in 2025, with a balanced climate agenda between mitigation, adaptation, loss and damage and financing, while ensuring the sustainability of the planet and the dignity of people.

Announcement of Eco Corridor Project

A big announcement has been made regarding big projects of international level in the G-20 Summit. Many countries along with America, India, Saudi Arabia and UAE want to improve mutual connectivity. For this, India Middle East Europe Eco Corridor Project has been announced. Under this project, Europe and America will also be connected through India and Middle East countries. A rail line will be built between Middle East countries and then it will be connected to India through port. This big announcement has dealt a major blow to China’s project BRI. India has already been opposing BRI.

Why is the corridor important for India?

Let us tell you that the India Middle East Europe Eco Corridor Project will give India a diplomatic and strategic edge against China and once this path is ready, it will facilitate India in sending goods to Europe and America along with the Middle East in a short time and increasing trade. Will happen. This will make it easier to send goods in less time and increase trade.

PM Modi said a big thing

French President Macron’s statement has come after the announcement of India Middle East Europe Eco Corridor Project. Macron said that he is ready to invest for the corridor. We want to complete it soon. The corridor will create new opportunities. At the same time, PM Modi said that India Middle East Europe Corridor has been approved. Will promote infrastructure. India, Saudi Arabia and UAE have joined.

African Union got membership on India’s proposal

In the first session of the summit, India had proposed to make African Union a permanent member of G-20. As soon as PM Modi passed it with the consent of all the countries as the President, African Union head Ajali Asomani went and hugged PM Modi. India’s proposal was also supported by China and the European Union. 55 countries of Africa will benefit from getting membership in the union.

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