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A Brief Guide to Buying the Best Bedding for Toddlers

Toddlers are the center of their parent’s universe. You adore their perfect form, look, and smile’s gentleness. It is usual for parents to care for their comfort and well-being. While it is also customary to worry is buying their bed.

Growing toddlers spend a lot of their time resting and sleeping. Therefore, it becomes mandatory to find and buy easy toddler-friendly bedding that creates a comfortable haven for them. Ensuring comfort is one of the first things parents need to invest in. That will ensure the toddler stays relaxed and does not become nervous and cranky.

But, finding the right product is difficult considering how there are so many materials, sizes, and styles. The bed must be of the softest fabric with the right finish. It should be complacent enough to keep toddlers lulled to sleep.

Check out some of these tips to get some help buying the right bedding.

Deciding the Right Material

A suitable material will always keep skin-sensitive chemicals away from young children. Toddlers’ beds come in different materials, each with its features. The most common ones are –

1.          100% Cotton

This is the most chosen bedding material parents love buying for their infants because they are comfortable and breathable. Besides that, cotton bed sheets are more natural than synthetic materials. Children with sensitive skin should sleep on cotton beds to avoid irritation from the material.

2.          Cotton-Polyester Blend

These blends are popular among parents looking for decent bedding material for their kids because they offer the best of both worlds. For example, the cotton-polyester combination provides young ones with the breathability and softness of cotton while also having polyester durability and less-staining capabilities.

3.          Polyester or Microfiber

Polyester or microfiber is a top choice among parents because, despite being soft, it also is highly durable. This bedding material is often considered ideal for hyperactive kids. In addition, as polyester is resistant to stains and regular wear-and-tear, it is a better option to make the bedding last long and safe from spills and scratches.

On the other hand, polyester is also temperature controlled. That means it can help toddlers stay warm in winter and cool in summer.

Themed vs. Solid Colors – What to choose?

Themed beds cover a long list of designs from TV show characters to objects that kids fantasize like airplanes, cars, or animals. On the other hand, solid colors usually come in bright primary hues.

Both of these are excellent options to choose from for kids. A themed one will be a better option if the kid is fond of any specific character, object, or theme. Also, talking about solid colors, these pastel shades are timeless for kids. Look for bright and attractive colors like neon green, orange, yellow, light blue, etc.

So, these two options don’t make quite a difference because toddlers are too young to dislike any particular color or theme. Instead, they love all the options as long as they are bright and appealing.

Final Thoughts

While buying toddler-friendly bedding, check whether the bedding is hypoallergenic. That will capture less dust and keep the young one safe from allergies. Also, ensure that the bedding is machine washable. It will help you keep it clean even after extensive use.

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