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AI-Enabled IoT, What is it, and How Important it is for the Future?


Today, the business world is changing drastically and new, innovative technologies are skyrocketing. And one of the reasons behind this is the adoption of IoT in the field of business. IoT helps in prominently capturing a vast amount of data from multiple sources. IoT technology help in connecting physical devices to one another, and the internet by providing information and control. IoT devices are very common these days, as they are being utilized for capabilities, and can integrate cognitive solutions such as AI and ML.

The convergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with the Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to reshape the way industries, businesses and economies operate. Combining these two terms, together will benefit both ordinary people and large scale industries. While IoT is involved with devices interacting with each other via the internet, AI is involved with analytics or performance of data and experience.

What is AI-Enabled IoT? (Integrating AI to IoT)

One of the major things that are becoming dominant and prevalent on the Internet of Things (IoT) applications and deployments, is the use of artificial intelligence (AI). Over the last few years, both the acquisitions and the investments in companies that have combined AI and IoT have increased dramatically.

Machine learning is one of the AI techniques that facilitates smart sensors and gadgets to automatically recognize patterns and distinguish abnormalities in data such as pressure, temperature, humidity, air quality, and sound. Machine learning methods can produce operational predictions up to 20 times faster and with greater accuracy than conventional business intelligence tools, which typically follow for numeric thresholds to be passed. Majority of companies started using AI and IoT in their operations and products. It has become the most extensively used technologies today.

How is AI-Enabled IoT important for the Future?

AI-enabled IoT has played a huge part when it comes to the field of tech as well as in the field of business. It plays a huge role now and it will continue to do so in the future, for the following reasons-

  • Brilliant Development of Customer Relations– With proper implementation of both IoT and AI, they could also assist consumers to have better experiences. These new technologies are being utilized by various businesses to gather huge data on their customers in real-time.
  • Much Improved Risk Management– This is another reason why AI-enabled IoT is very much essential in the future. It provides an improved risk management facility, as a wide range of IoT-AI applications are assisting businesses in better understanding and also predicting all sorts of hazards. This allows them to better manage worker safety, cyber threats, and financial loss.
  • Exceptionally Safe and Secure– The one other benefit that should be taken into account that AI-enabled IoT must be used in the future is how it provides an additional layer of protection. With this combination of AI and IoT, risks are very much reduced in the workplace. Businesses can take necessary actions and steps way ahead because of this.
  • Much Improved Operational Efficiency– AI-enabled IoT also aids in improving operational efficiency. Here, advanced ML can anticipate operational conditions and identify parameters that may be changed on the fly to manage optimal results.
  • New and Improved Products and Services– AI-enabled IoT also helps in the creation of new goods and services. Devices like drones and robots controlled by AI opens up a whole new level of possibility in the field of technology.

Examples of AI-enabled IoT

  • One of the best examples of AI-enabled IoT would be Tesla’s self-driving automobiles. Self-driving cars/automobiles use artificial intelligence to predict other automobiles behaviour and pedestrian behaviour in many situations.
  • iRobot established the industry standard robot vacuum in 2002. This is another example of AI-enabled IoT.
  • Manufacturing robots, smart assistants, automated financial investing, conversational marketing bots, virtual travel booking agents, etc, all fall under the examples of AI-enabled IoT.


Hence, AI joined with IoT technology can lead the way to the advanced level of solutions, and it opens up the door to a whole new level of excellence. There are wide ranges of IoT services out there and you have to choose the best one for your business or your enterprise. Prepare to take your business to exceptional heights. The future of AI is here.

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Feril Mohammed Hazem is an industry expert and a professional writer working at ThinkPalm Technologies. He has a keen interest in AI. He is fascinated by futuristic technology and its ways. Off the screen, he is a movie buff, likes playing basketball and listening to music.

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