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Anonymous App Hood on Shark Tank

It can be hard to keep up with friends in this social media world where everyone is busy on FB, Twitter, or Snapchat. And with so much content on the internet, it cannot be easy to find something new and interesting. Some people break out in hives at the thought of leaving their comfort zone and meeting new people. But what if there was an app that would connect you anonymously to compatible strangers? In this article, you will get to know how an Indian startup named Hood app on Shark tank India has turned many heads by offering a better way to get yourself out in the real world by meeting new people and improving your social life.

What is Hood App?

An India-based startup called “Hood” went on Shark Tank to secure funding for their app. Hood is a dating app that allows you to anonymously meet intelligent and interesting people. Everything is recorded on the app (so you won’t get arrested and get your phone searched). It is an anonymity-based app which will make you the happiest person on earth. They guarantee that you’ll have an OK time with some new people.

This is a revolutionary idea for this type of app, as it gives you many chances to explore new things and make meaningful relationships with others. Exploring your inner dreams is something that many people, no matter their education level or age, will find themselves experiencing over time.

Who is the Co-Founder & CEO of the Hood app?

The app’s founder, Shradha Sharma, explains the concept: “We are placing a temporary virtual hood on an individual’s profile. We allow them to randomly connect with self-selecting groups of other like-minded individuals.”

He is going to Shark Tank India for fundraising. In this way, the Hood startup on Shark tank can be a revolutionary step in the future. The idea of the hood app came from the desire to create a place where people can connect with their innermost desires and all around them and be able to use them anonymously.

What is the idea behind the Hood app?

If you want to save your privacy and rock on social media apps, the Hood app is for you because it can hide your identity while in touch with other people. You can also choose to place a hood on your profile and try to find other people who have the same interests as you. In this way, you will be able to share your interests with them and get attracted to each other.

The founder of the Hood app is the most innovative entrepreneur who is motivated to make revolutionary things for the people of India. He is not only focusing on his own country but many more countries and continents like the US, Australia, UK. He has put his app on the Windows store to make it available for people of all countries.

How is Hood’s startup on Shark tank going to make it?

They will be able to get funding from venture capital firms and start making much money. The app runs on Android and iPhone, with a mobile payment option for people who don’t have credit cards. All transactions happen anonymously via the app’s smart secure platform. Shradha Sharma explained, “We’re targeting everyone from singles who want to meet new people and build stronger connections with their friends to professionals looking for reliable business connections. Web3 can also help you to keep your identity secured in web.

What is Shark Tank India?

Shark Tank India is a business reality television programme shown on Sony Entertainment Television in India and is in the Hindi language. The programme is a franchise from India to international and domestic markets. The first episode was produced in India in 2021, and the show is shown on Sony Entertainment Television.

The television programme is hosted by popular Entrepreneur Ashneer Grover whose net worth is $105 million. The show takes its name from the American programme of the same name. It invites budding entrepreneurs to present their business ideas to a panel of ‘Sharks’ in exchange for funding.

Hundreds of people apply for the program every year, and not knowing what they will face on the show is an entirely different matter altogether. Over the past 3 years, controversy and rumours have surrounded one of India’s most popular entrepreneurial reality shows, and its founder Ashneer Grover has heard it all before.

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