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Complete Woocommerce website development for beginners in 2021

Nowadays everyone wants to sell their products online and want to grow a successful online store. Starting an online store can be a difficult process. One to take care of the products, choose the right type of customers and products, provide full-time support, update the website, and other things. The most important thing among these is to have a website and maintain it for which WooCommerce is needed.

WooCommerce is a type of e-commerce software through which one can set up their online store. It provides several features which are great for running an online store. WooCommerce is powered by WordPress and it is a free tool that can be accessed by anyone. Here is the complete guide where you can learn more about the WooCommerce development service:-

1. Start with setting up your WordPress website

You cannot use the WooCommerce tool solely. This tool needs to be installed on a WordPress website. In case you already have made your WordPress website then it’s good otherwise the first thing you have to do is to make a new WordPress website. One has to choose a good web hosting which will help in showing your website to the customers.

The web hosting plans also are purchased at different rates which will provide you with all the necessary features that you need to start up your online store.

2. Time to install WooCommerce

Before this step, you should have a WordPress site going. In case you’re pristine to the stage, you might need to invest some energy acclimating yourself with its essentials before pushing ahead. 

Perhaps the best thing about WordPress is its modules – additional items that give your site new highlights and usefulness. WooCommerce is quite possibly the most mainstream, and the best way to start online selling through WordPress.

Presently, open up your WordPress dashboard and head to Plugins, and select the Add New feature. After this, search for “WooCommerce” – it should be the first and the main alternative that will appear Select it and open it. After the installation process is finished, your site is successfully prepared with WooCommerce and ready to be operated.

3. Save your data 

After you have effectively introduced WooCommerce, presently you need to place in the applicable insights regarding your store and your business. Some basic data about your store. Where it’s found will be significant with regards to computing assessments and transportation choices, so ensure the subtleties you enter here are exact. 

4. Select the item types 

After you have given all the data about your business, presently you need to choose the sort of items that you are managing and will behave g in your storeP. The following screen that will show up before you will be the rundown of various items and categories from which you need to choose. It is recommended to pick just those choices that apply to your items. 

After you have browsed among the various classifications, you can give or incorporate some more details of your items for your clients.

5.Adding an optional plugin

After the choice of the category and items, the following page comes up where you can incorporate some data about the number of items you plan to show in your store. Note that this will not restrict you in any capacity.

WooCommerce will likewise get some information about what other place you’re selling if any. The amount you’re making every year. This gives the module complete information on the extent of your business. The page will show you some modules which incorporate the accompanying:- 


It is an across the board arrangement that offers security highlights, execution improvements, and the sky is the limit from there 

•WooCommerce Shipping and Tax 

This component allows you to deal with delivery and satisfaction directly from your dashboard. 

•Google advertisements 

Google advertisements will assist you with your site, business examination, client reviews, deals, and different things.

6. Choose a theme that suits your store

Themes are something that can make your WordPress look different and give it a good look. Adding a good theme is a great idea as it will help your store give a dramatic look by changing its appearance. There are lots of options to choose from. One can opt for free options or premium options as well.

Also, themes can be changed at any point in time in the future.


Online and E-commerce have become the trend nowadays. There is a lot of competition here also and therefore you need the best ideas to succeed. However, when you have tools like WooCommerce and WordPress in your hand, your overall task becomes much easy and setting up that online store becomes a simple task. So to conclude, follow the above steps properly to set up your WooCommerce website easily.

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