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Dealing with the Cheating Spouse: Reasons and Ways for Tracking Your Wife

Sometimes, we wonder how something great and pure, like love, turns into ugly and unfair, like cheating. “The real reason why I’m over you is that now I see who you really are”, – they say, and we couldn’t agree more. Worth more than cheating is only secrets, lies, and mind games she is playing. Today, we teach you how to put an end to it and catch your wife cheating by using a phone tracking app. 

Tracking Wife’s Phone Calls and Location – How to Do That Without Her Knowing

If you are still in doubt if you should be tracking your wife, it is understandable. First of all, you might be scared to confirm something that you have suspected for some time now or simply not sure that you will be able to do it without help. 

The best way to track her phone calls and location is to install one of the third-party apps for device monitoring, like one at Mobile Tracker Free, that will collect and store all information about your wife’s online activity in one dashboard. For instance, some apps concentrate only on location tracking, while some provide their users with access to call logs, messages, social media, multimedia, apps, and even a remote control over targeted devices. 

Usually, those spy apps are very user-friendly and easy to use, so no previous experience is required to start using them. On top of that, a  good monitoring app is very discrete – it will be working in the background on the targeted device, and your wife won’t have any idea about it.

What do we mean by a good monitoring app? In our opinion, it should have a big selection of features and work without any interruptions or double-verifications while keeping an affordable price for a subscription. Let us tell you more based on the example – the Mobile Tracker Free app.

Mobile Tracker Free – Free App to Track Your Wife in Real Time

If you haven’t heard about the Mobile Free Tracker before, we will be happy to be the first who will introduce it to you. This is a monitoring app with various features created for multiple purposes, including tracking a cheating partner. 

The app allows users to get detailed reports regarding what’s happening on the target device at this very minute. We like that the setup takes no longer than 15 minutes, including the downloading process and subscription plan picking, after which you can start monitoring without any further delay. Fast, simple, and convenient – the three Mobile Tracker Free app qualities that we appreciate the most.

Functions and Features of the App

You might be wondering: “What are the functions and features for tracking my cheating wife that the Mobile Tracker Free has?” Well, this depends on the subscription plan that you pick. 

The price for the subscription is very affordable: the Limited offer is free, but with advertising, the Basic offer – is $6/monthly, and the Premium offer – is $15/monthly. Mobile Free Tracker couldn’t be considered a fully free app to track phone without them knowing, but it’s the next best thing that you could have.

The features that Mobile Tracker Free offers include: 

  • Location tracking
  • SMS/MMS tracking
  • Call tracking
  • Photos and messages tracking
  • Remote control
  • Live viewing
  • File manager
  • Schedule restriction 
  • Application check
  • Website control
  • Calendar
  • Contacts
  • Analytics tools

As you can see, this app will provide you with all kinds of information from your wife’s phone just in a few clicks.

Advantages – What Makes Mobile Tracker Free Stand Up Among Competitions 

When it comes to the advantages of having a Mobile Tracker Free phone tracker trying to catch your wife cheating, the list can go on and on. Here are some pointers that come to our mind:

  • The tool has free basic features 
  • The app has an easy installation process 
  • Allows WhatsApp & Facebook Messenger monitoring without rooting
  • The app has a user-friendly interface
  • Application grants access to a target device in real-time
  • The tool is compatible with the majority of modern devices, including Android-based 

Disadvantages – What to Keep in Mind Picking Mobile Tracker Free

It is obvious that if you are going to track wife’s phone, you must be aware of all the possible disadvantages that the tool has. Talking about the Mobile Tracker Free, we were able to highlight some as well: 

  • iOS functionality is somewhat limited if compared with the one for Android
  • To install the application, you should have one-time access to the target phone
  • The app depends on the Internet and won’t work offline

How to Track Your Wife’s Location Using Google Location Services

You might also ask: “There are so many location tracking apps installed on our devices by default. Can I track my wife’s cell phone location by using Google Maps?”. The answer to this question is yes, you can! 

Google location services will come in handy when you need to check the location of a person, and it’s easy to do. If this information is enough for you to make conclusions about your wife’s affair, you should consider Google Maps location sharing. 

The only thing to remember is that this service will be useful only if access to the location tracking was granted by the target phone user in advance, so you need to take care of it before you are able to get any information from your wife’s phone. 


Is it possible to clone my wife’s cell phone?

Yes, it’s possible. Using a monitoring app and installing it on her phone, you will be able to see all her mobile phone information, call logs, social media, messages, and much more.

How do I access and track my wife’s Android phone remotely?

The best way to track your wife’s Android phone remotely is to install a tracking app on her device. No physical interaction will be needed after that. The app, like, will collect all information from her cell to the dashboard in your application and will keep real-time monitoring while staying completely undetected. The best part of it is that you can have an eye on her completely remotely from any point on earth where you have access to the Internet.

Can I spy on an iPhone device without Apple logging credentials?

Yes, some info can be tracked, but it’s quite limited. Using a third-party spying app like Mobile Free Tracker, you can start tracking wife’s phone location and browser history by physically installing the app on her iPhone (by syncing the QR code). 


Keeping relationships with the cheater is always hard, especially if the feelings are involved. Staying in this environment, though, is completely unhealthy and will make you miserable every single day.

It is time to take the situation into your own hands and clear your doubt once and for all – use a mobile phone tracker to collect all needed proof to confront your wife or dispel your doubts.

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