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Factors to Consider when Downloading Torrents Online Safely

P2P (peer-to-peer) torrenting can be pretty risky. From downloading accidentally copyrighted material to unwittingly downloading malware, you can risk infecting your device with viruses, having your connection throttled by your ISP, or facing heavy fines.

The essential key to safe torrenting is security and anonymity, and there is a solution that covers both of these issues – by using a reputed and reliable VPN. The perfect VPNs will keep your data not only safe but also hide your online activity and offer other good features that would help you torrent.

Downloading torrents from reliable sites like thepirateproxybay is pretty simple, it is just a few clicks, and you get started. 

Here are various factors to make sure your torrenting online is hidden and safe:

Use a reliable VPN

Before you start torrenting, the first thing you must do is get your VPN set and installed. However, with several VPNs to select from, it could be not easy to decide which one to choose. You must pick a popular one for secure torrenting, which is secure, fast, and primed to download torrents. 

When you use a premium VPN, you can connect to faster servers worldwide. This is the perfect way for completely hiding your IP address and making it appear that you are in a different country altogether.

You would even come across servers that are specifically optimized for torrenting purposes, so they would be safe and fast to make sure that your torrent downloading is quickest. 

Unfortunately, torrenting could be risky for several reasons; malware is one of the crucial ones. If you download torrents, your device is opened for the source of torrent downloads, which could at times lead to malware or other unwanted digital sneaking in. But thankfully, reliable VPNs even have effective security features for keeping you protected. You must note that as VPNs hide your actual IP address, you will even be able to easily access any of the torrent sites you like, even those which had been banned in your country.

  • Select the right torrent client

You would also need a particular application called a torrent client for downloading torrents. You cannot simply download torrents straight to your device as torrent files are, in reality, sent in several tiny parts from numerous different locations. The tiny parts or “bits” are placed together and managed by the torrent client so that once the downloading is complete, the seeder can easily access them.

There are multiple clients to choose from, and they also have various features, functions, and ease of use. Ideally speaking, you want a client who will not take so much of space on your computer, has excellent features, and is easy to use, including security. 

  • Select the right site for torrenting

There are several sites on the internet, which offer torrenting. From the specialized ones to blogs and forums, you can find torrent links all over the web. 

However, whenever you need to download anything on your computer, you must be sure that the source is genuine; otherwise, you could risk downloading a fake file or dangerous malware.

Because of such reasons, it is very important to download torrents from reliable websites. Popular and safe sites will generally have transparent systems that would show you that a particular torrent had been verified as a genuine one. This would mean that it will say precisely what always is mentioned and free from sneaky surprises as well.

If you need a most well-known torrent site all around the world, choose The Pirate Bay. It offers a wide selection of torrents that are available for download. They have handy symbols near every torrent, so you can check that they are genuine.

  • Get a good antivirus software

It would help if you had good antivirus software on your device to protect yourself from hacks, malware, and cyber-attacks. This is also more important if you need to download torrents, as you have to open your computer to other connections, and some can have wrong intentions.

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