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How to Help Your Child Develop Their Fine Motor Skills

Today, between 10-24% of preschool-aged children have fine motor skill deficits. This might sound worrying, especially if your little one is struggling and falling behind. However, studies show that if you have early intervention, it can set children up for a better course in life.

Even if your kid isn’t behind, it’s still important for you to help them develop fine motor skills. It’ll make things much easier for them!

You don’t need a professional to do so, either. Here are some great ways you can help your child develop their fine motor skills.

Let Them Dress Themselves

This is a great exercise to do since it’ll encourage independence for your little one.

Let them pick out their outfit for the day, then let them button, zip, and fasten the garments. You just might be surprised at what a little fashionista your child is!

Ask Them to Help With Meals

Of course, you should leave the dangerous stuff to the parents, such as chopping ingredients and boiling water. But have your kid hang out with you while you meal prep, and it can be a bonding experience.

Ask your child to measure out ingredients to help you cook. Then ask them to pour the beverages and set the table for the family. They’ll be proud that they had a hand in the meal!

Encourage Them to Write

Handwriting development is crucial not just because of motor skills; without good enough handwriting, your child won’t be able to communicate effectively.

Give your little one some writing exercises, such as journaling about their day or creating a short story.

Let Them Draw and Paint

Drawing and painting are excellent ways to help with motor skills. These activities for kids allow them to fine-tune their muscles for gripping and movements while exploring their artistic side.

Plus, after they’re done, you’ll have some beautiful works of art to frame and hang up!

Play Board Games and Puzzles

Board games and puzzles can stimulate the mind while requiring players to move pieces around on the table. Set aside at least one night a week so your family can play together!

You can exercise everyone’s critical thinking process and fine motor skills. In addition, it can be the glue that holds your loved ones together. Your kids will definitely look back fondly on these times.

Help Your Child With Their Fine Motor Skills

It’s vital that you start early with your little one’s fine motor skills. By learning dexterity, your child will have an easier time in life and will hit milestones sooner, too.

The activities for children that we’ve suggested can also help in other areas of life, such as independence, artistry, and creativity. Not to mention, they provide ample opportunities for you to bond and grow as a family.

Need more advice on raising your kid? Then check out the rest of our blog for more helpful articles.

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