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How to recruit and engage students in your company

Owning a business or managing talent acquisition at a corporation likely requires you to know how to recruit and engage students. Students mean the potential employees who comprise the next generation of workers in your industry.

Your goal is to get them on your team and keep them there. You want your company to be their first choice for employment. If you can do that, then you’ll have plenty of talent that is smart, motivated, eager, and available whenever you need it.

Many things make your company better, but there are two main reasons why people come to work for you:

1. They want a job

2. They WANT to learn something new

It’s essential to know the difference and find the balance between these two.

Recruiting and engaging students in your company is not easy, but there are some effective ways to do it. Recruiting and engaging students in your company is a step-by-step process.

How to recruit and engage students in your company

1.  Fostering an Environment for Learning:

Start by building an environment that inspires students to learn about your company and industry.

Tip: To do this, teach students through experience with real-world cases that connect theory with practice or even utilize Virtual Reality (VR) for an office tour. This gives them opportunities to apply what they’re learning and build skills to help them succeed.

2.  Involve them in your business:

Make sure they have opportunities to lead projects and develop ideas that can improve your business. An active student body is a sign of healthy business culture and increases employee retention after graduation.

3.  Provide Resources:

In addition to providing case studies, assignments, and class notes online, you can also provide access to online groups and blogs, so students and experts can interact. Your company website should also include helpful resources such as job listings, recruiting contacts, and career management advice.

4.  Give rewards and appreciation:

 This involves providing leadership boards, badges, and certification to students who complete training or clarify the recruitment exam.

 Finding talented students is easy, but getting them to join your company can be a challenge. One way to make your recruiting process more effective is by investing in an LMS (learning management system).

Learning management systems (LMS) are software tools designed for education, training, and content management. They assist users in tracking and delivering course content, assignments and assessments, student progress, and performance evaluation.

How LMS can help in the recruitment and engagement of students in your company

By using an LMS,

  1. LMS helps you to organize information on potential employees and track their progress as they advance through the hiring pipeline.
  2. LMS allows you to share information with candidates and keep everyone updated on the status of their applications. If a candidate decides not to join, the LMS makes it easy for you to report that decision to other employees.
  3. LMS can also help in keeping up employer branding throughout the recruitment procedure.
  4. LMS provides many tools to help you manage your employees’ training programs. You can use pre-recorded videos to train new hires or refresh your existing staff on policies and procedures.
  5. LMS can also be used to create an online classroom environment where students and teachers interact with each other through live streaming, text chat, or video conferencing. This can all be done from anywhere using any device as long as they have access to the Internet.

When it comes to finding the right LMS for your recruitment and engagement,  subscribe to the Paycom App. Paycom LMS offers an app that’s easy to learn and use. Paycom app is intuitive, easy to navigate, and has little to no training required.


The bottom line is that your company needs to have a great reputation among future employees before you even start looking for work-study candidates. And the way to develop that reputation is through education and engagement through an LMS.

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