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How to Track Someone’s Cell Phone Location Without Them Knowing for Free

Every person may need to find someone’s location on the map, whether for protection or security reasons. But following the footsteps isn’t always an option. Fortunately, figuring out the exact GPS location of the target phone is now easier than ever, thanks to special apps. These trackers can secretly show one’s location coordinates by fetching the signals from cellular towers, scanning Wi-Fi router data, or simply fetching the information using GPS. The best of them run in stealth mode, which makes them completely hidden from the human eye. 

Are you excited? If yes, then this blog post is for you. Below, we will shed some light on how to track someone’s location without them knowing and break down some of the most reliable methods. 

Reasons to Use a Location Tracking App to Detect Someone’s GPS

Whether you are a parent or an employer, you may need to track a cell phone location at least once in your lifetime. There are situations when you simply want to make sure someone is safe or check if the target person is telling you the truth. 

Generally, there are different motives for using a phone tracking app:

  • Tracking a child’s real-time location for the sake of their safety 
  • Monitoring company-owned devices used by the staff 
  • Checking if someone arrived at the designated place
  • Trying to track GPS location of a lost phone
  • Ensuring that your partner doesn’t cheat

Whatever your reason is, there are several actionable ways to track someone’s location. But before we get down to these methods, we want to make sure you understand the legality behind location tracking. 

Is It Legal to Track Someone’s Cell Phone Location Without Them Knowing? 

As a golden rule, you can track someone’s phone location provided that you have their explicit consent. Additionally, parents or legal guardians are authorized to track cell phone coordinates of their minor children until the legal age is reached. This permission also concerns business owners who want to monitor corporate devices and employee’s performance. If you aren’t sure whether it’s allowed to track someone’s cell phone without them knowing, consulting a lawyer would be a smart decision. 

Option 1: Rely on Free GEOfinder to Track Someone by Cell Phone Number Without Them Knowing

One question that most people ask is, “How to track someone’s location without them knowing for free?” By delegating this task to, you will be able to track phone number location free of charge and without causing suspicion. 

As one of the best phone tracking apps, GEOfinder offers impressive location monitoring features. With this powerful app, you are able to easily track someone by cell phone number without them knowing. All you need is to select a convincing SMS from our templates and send it to the target person. Once they click the link contained within the message, a GPS tracker will receive their permission and will immediately locate a cell phone on Google Maps. You will be able to retrieve the coordinates through your user dashboard without installing an app. It offers a free trial for 48 hours and a recurring fee of $39.99 per month.

But GEOfinder developers didn’t stop here. By using the same SMS method, you will be able to check the phone’s IP, determine Wi-Fi information such as the network name and location, and even find out if the person is using a VPN. GEOfinder location tracker works with all mobile networks. This means that this app allows you to track any device regardless of its operating system, be it Android or iPhone.

Option 2: Use to Track a Cell Phone Location Without Them Knowing

An alternative way to determine the location by a cell phone number without leaving traces is using This phone tracking app can detect another person’s location by a mere number or via any messenger if you don’t know it. The app operates discreetly and doesn’t require download and, what’s worse, root or jailbreak. Users get detailed reports via an intuitive user space that can be accessed via any browser. 

By sending the picture with a link on any messenger, you will be able to track a phone without touching their device. The LocationTracker app will display the accurate GPS geolocation on the map. Leveraging IP logger function, this app can capture coordinates even if location services are disabled (the target will be prompted to turn on GPS when the link is followed). In addition, LocationTracker also records Wi-Fi router data and VPN usage. 

Overall, it is a good app to track a cell phone without installing third-party applications. Give it a spin if you want to make sure your family is safe and sound. 

Final Thoughts on How to Track Someone’s Cell Phone Number Without Them Knowing 

Now that you know how to track someone’s location by phone number without them knowing, it’s time to choose the most viable method. Feel free to use the apps mentioned in this article. We conducted extensive research to provide you with only the most reliable options to detect someone’s location by number. Of course, you may use another GPS tracker or spy app to see someone’s location and phone activity, but be super careful. Some apps are actually malware that may harm the device. Be wary of applications that seem suspicious and never install an unknown app on the target phone. It’s better to use the foolproof methods described in our article if you want to track GPS locations safely. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you find someone’s location without them knowing?

If you want to know the location of someone’s phone without informing them, it is possible to use special GPS tracking apps. These apps allow you to detect someone’s exact coordinates by using a target person’s number. The information is stored in a secure account that you may access at any time. 

How can I find someone’s location using their cell phone number?

There is a simple way to track someone’s location by sharing their phone number with tracking apps. You can send the SMS with a shareable hyperlink within the text. Once the target person taps on the link, the app will start tracking the location. Since such apps require only a phone number, they can collect the information from any operating system. 

How do I track someone on Google Maps without them knowing? 

There are several methods to track someone’s phone location on Google Maps without notifying a person. First, you can use a location-sharing feature in their Google Maps to make the GPS data available to you. The second method is to count on specially dedicated apps such as to figure out the device’s GPS, IP, and connected Wi-Fi.

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