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Mobile App Marketing: Does Every Business Need an App?

Innovative minds are constantly pushing the limits of marketing. Marketers have found multiple ways to reach the pools of target users on different platforms, from billboards to digital banners. And with the increasing popularity of mobile phones over other devices, app marketing has become the next top interest of every marketer. A major part of this shift is fuelled by the easy accessibility to internet networking and mobile technology around the globe, however, it’s further promoted by the fast-paced lifestyle that encourages shorter attention spans, and quicker communications. Willing or not, every business has to climb onto this bandwagon of mobile marketing to claim the final peak of consumer relations. With the support of robust mobile marketing platform, like Trackier, you can use your business app as a window to understand the complex buying behavior of different consumer groups, promote quick buying, and establish healthier interactions with your customers. Intrigued, right? In this article, we explain how mobile app marketing can benefit every brand, regardless of its industry, or business model. So, if you’re also re-considering the decision to make a mobile app, don’t take a final call until you’ve read what comes next! 

1 Putting ‘Care’ in Healthcare with App Marketing

Health apps are expected to offer highly accurate and relevant information to users. And with the right set of customer cohorts and attribution, brands can understand the nuances of UI/UX design, promotional offers, and freemium offers that resonate with their target audience. When you put it in the right context, the app can support your upselling campaigns for other brand products like dietician’s consultations, fitness supplements, etc. A user who feels heard and cared for is most likely to keep coming back for business. 

2 Cash in On Customer Loyalty with an E-Commerce Marketing App

Offering mobile app marketing services on every user’s devices increases your chances of conversions. Every time users interact with your in-app messaging and push notifications, it prompts them to explore the offerings available on your platform, thereby increasing your brand’s visibility. Apps can also function as a shortcut between your Store and the users, allowing them to make quick purchases wherever necessary. 

3 Reinforce Trust in Customer Relationships with a Finance App

Conscious mobile users do not trust any software with their financial information. But with one walled app, you can become their trusted banking partner. Mobile apps become users’ means to connect with financial institutions via a secure, direct, and personalized channel. On the other hand, they also enable BFSI stakeholders to offer enhanced customer service to app users by sending customized notifications, like changing trends in stock rates, loan repayment cycles, security alerts, account updates, etc. that can improve their banking experience. 

4 Gain Visibility with Mobile App Marketing Services for the Travel Industry

It’s not every day that a person decides to go on a holiday. But when they do, your travel app should be at the top of their mind. Such a level of brand recall is only possible if you stay in front of your users’ eyes on a frequent basis. That’s why it’s beneficial for travel industry businesses to incentivize their brand’s app install. Once you’ve made your way into a user’s device, it becomes easier to alert them about freemium offers, holiday season rushes, and other discount offers available on your platform. Better yet, you are sure to be their go-to resource for urgent flight and hotel bookings when your app is retained in their mobile menu over a long period of time. Like that, you can generate seasonal revenue from your marketing app without re-targeting campaigns! 

5 Capitalize on Customer Trends Through a Gaming App

Integrating an attribution tracking platform, like Trackier, with your gaming app can allow you to track users’ activity, giving you a complete picture of the source of install, retention rate, in-app purchase rate, engagement rate with reward-based ad campaigns, and so much more. You can essentialize the historical user data to identify the factors that promote or discourage users from investing in the gameplay, and create a seamless experience that nudges the gamers with intriguing challenges before they lose their interest. 

Putting it Together

Mobile app marketing can be your means to connect with a targeted audience without the distractions of a third-party platform populated by media and divergent content. As long as an app is installed on a user’s device, marketers can communicate with end consumers via push notifications, personalized messages, and in-app nudges to draw their attention towards ongoing marketing programs. The more loyal your user base, the more likely you are to reap a higher return on investment for each advertising campaign. Sounds much better than your exhaustive cold calling, right? Well then, what’s holding you back? Go ahead and get your app it’s due chance!

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