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Safe Deposit Boxes and CCTV Cameras – The Two Crucial Security Measures

Approximately 58% of people, according to a survey conducted by, believe that public surveillance cameras aren’t intrusive in their daily lives. Security cameras prevent burglars from breaking into your home, reducing crime rates.You can check out Vivint’s pricing to get an idea of what they’re costing nowadays. An evaluation study conducted over a period of 40 years found that CCTVs significantly reduced crime rates. Security cameras reduced crime by 13 percent compared to areas without cameras.

If you are looking to store valuable possessions and documents that you will not need at short notice, a safe deposit box is the best option. According to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, birth certificates, car titles, property deeds, as well as non-electronic savings bonds are “good candidates.”   Safe deposit boxes are popular at banks, and the level of “protection” they provide varies. However, they are generally flood-proof and fire-resistant.

The purpose of this blog post is to provide you with some useful information about CCTV and safe deposit boxes. So, keep reading!

The Benefits of CCTV in the Workplace                                                                                                                                

Most businesses will have some form of security in place, whether that be an alarm system, security guards, or CCTV cameras. However, many business owners are not aware of the full benefits that CCTV can offer their business.

Here are eight benefits of having CCTV cameras installed at your business premises:

1. Deterring Theft

The presence of CCTV cameras can act as a visual deterrent to potential thieves, helping to protect your business from break-ins and theft.

2. Provides Evidence in the Form of Camera Footage

If a crime is committed on your premises, footage from your CCTV cameras can be used as evidence to help identify the offender and bring them to justice.

3. Deterring Vandalism

As well as deterring theft, CCTV cameras can also help to prevent vandalism. The knowledge that they are being watched can discourage would-be vandals from damaging your property.

4. Keeping Track Of Staff Performance

CCTV cameras can be used to monitor staff performance, ensuring that they are carrying out their duties properly and providing good customer service.

5. Monitoring Staff Safety

CCTV cameras can also help to keep your employees safe by deterring violence and other crimes and providing footage that can be used to identify offenders.

6. A Complete View of The Entire Business Premises

CCTV cameras give you visibility of all areas of your business premises, even those that are out of sight. This can help you to identify problems early and take action to prevent them from getting worse.

7. Insurance Claims

If your business is the victim of a crime, your insurance company may require evidence from your CCTV cameras in order to process your claim. 

8. Reducing Insurance Premiums

Many insurance companies offer discounts to businesses that have CCTV cameras installed, as they are seen as a lower risk. This can help to reduce your business insurance premiums.

Having CCTV cameras installed at your business premises can offer many benefits, both in terms of security and cost savings. If you are considering CCTV for your business, make sure to weigh up all the benefits before making a decision.

Safe deposit box

Safe deposit boxes are a great way to keep your valuable items safe and secure. But what exactly are they? How do they work? And what should you consider before renting one? Read on to find out everything you need to know about safe deposit boxes.

What is a safe deposit box?

A safe deposit box, also known as a security deposit box, is a small, locked box that is used to store valuable items. Safe deposit boxes are typically located in banks, credit unions, or other secure facilities.

How does a safe deposit box work?

Safe deposit boxes are rented from banks or other financial institutions. You will be given a key to your box, and you will be the only person with access to it. Your belongings will be stored in a secure, locked location that only you can access.

What should you consider before renting a safe deposit box?

There are a few things you should take into consideration before renting a safe deposit box. First, consider what items you will be storing in the box. Make sure that these items are small enough to fit in the box and that they are valuable enough to warrant the cost of renting a box.

You should also consider the location of the safe deposit box. Some boxes are located in banks, while others are located in other secure facilities. Choose a location that is convenient for you and that you feel comfortable with.

Finally, consider the cost of renting a safe deposit box. Prices vary depending on the size of the box and the location, but they typically range from $20 to $150 per year.

Safe deposit boxes are a great way to keep your valuable items safe and secure. By considering these factors before renting a box, you can ensure that your belongings are well-protected.

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