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TheWiSpy vs Mspy: Pick the Best Monitoring App for Android

The majority of children use phones for their school homework every day. They browse the internet, access social networks, or exchange WhatsApp messages on messenger with their peers in their spare time. But, they are often victims of predators on the internet and are enticed to join them.

This could lead to severe consequences if not addressed promptly. In addition, employees use their smartphones with internet access to chat with colleagues and connect with them while conducting errands to their workplace.

However, the majority of them are not malicious. However, some of them get information on the latest details about the latest projects studied at your workplace and transmit it to your rivals.

About TheWiSpy and Mspy

When it comes to tracking software, two monitoring applications come first in mind; TheWiSpy and mSpy.

They stand out from the plethora of spy apps available on the market due to their outstanding capabilities and compatibility with various operating systems and devices and other features.

If both applications are great, which one do you choose, TheWiSpy or mSpy? We will go into further detail on the functions that make each of these apps excellent choices.

About TheWiSpy

TheWiSpy is among the pioneers in the field and is believed to be the best android monitoring app. It’s still the top firm in tracking mobile devices, as evidenced by its new quality, reliable, and secure functions that are leaps and leaps ahead of the competitors.

In terms of capabilities, TheWiSpy is a beast. It cannot just perform simple monitoring but also record calls to phones, video calls, and surround monitoring. To a certain degree, you can operate the device using your mobile.

It can also block a wide range of the most popular social apps for instant messaging and media and instant messaging apps, in contrast to other spyware apps that work only with a limited number. In addition, you can view live feed activity from remote access through this mobile tracker.

About mSpy

mSpy is a premium parent-friendly app. As consulted with experts on how parents can protect their children with the help of software, mSpy has proved to be the best kids’ monitor app.

mSpy is among the top spy applications available and consistently is a top performer compared with different spyware software.

The app has everything you require to keep track of your child’s internet activities for any of the following: SMS or electronic mail, instant message, or simply browsing. The dashboard interface has also been designed to be user-friendly and easy to help parents who don’t have much technical knowledge.

TheWiSpy vs mSpy features

In this article, I’ll be comparing TheWiSpy and mSpy based on capabilities. With this approach, you can decide the most significant features and see which one is the best.


The first thing we’ll discuss is the pricing of these two cell phone tracker app.

Basic package:

TheWiSpy offers a basic plan where you can get all the standard features for $19.99. The package can be extended up to three and six months with a price increase. The three-month plan is for $29.99, and the six-month plan is for $49.99 only.

mSpy’s basic plan costs $29.99 for one month of subscription. However, if you wish to use the service for an entire year, it is necessary to renew it each month that is $359.88 for the whole year.

These apps have everything you could expect from a spyware app, including GPS monitoring, tracking of videos, photos, emails, IM apps, SMS and web history apps list, alerts to uninstall, and a 24/7 assistance team.

Premium package:

TheWiSpy offers a premium package along with all remote monitoring features for just $29.99 for a month. In addition, you can get an extensive period plan with different prices, such as $49.99 for three months and $79.99 for six months. Furthermore, you will get surround recording, camera spy, remote controls, and more features with it.

mSpy, on the other hand, costs $69.99 per month and $199.99 for a year. In addition, of course, the premium package offers advanced features like social media monitoring, geofencing, and web browser history monitoring to ensure complete results.

Platinum package:

TheWiSpy offers a platinum package with high-quality features that are compatible with modern age mobile phones. You will be able to monitor any social media account without rooting the device and more. You can get one month plan for $49.99, $79.99 for three months, and $119.99 for six months.

To summarize, the mSpy packages are packed with valuable options, but it costs a lot. However, TheWiSpy has a more balanced and moderate offering within lower pricing. Because most people aren’t likely to use the full range of features mSpy offers even if they’re trying their hand at the world of spy applications, I’m deciding that the pricing and features of TheWiSpy program are more sensible.


It’s not worth buying an expensive monitoring application that is inappropriate for the device you’re planning to observe. So before you decide to purchase a costly package, be sure that the app is compatible with every appliance you’re planning to monitor.

TheWiSpy is compatible with Android smartphones. You can install the android monitoring app to any of the latest versions of your phone. If you feel like it isn’t updated, then ensure that your device’s OS is at least 4.0.

The mSpy app is supported by android and iOS. However, you can access the dashboard by visiting the website from your desktop browser and then displaying it from there. The range of devices is instead limited; however, this is alleviated by the fact that installing is extremely simple, especially in the case of the no-jailbreak version.

Monitoring features

Common features

Call monitoring:

The mobile tracker records every call that is outbound and inbound. It also gives access to the essential information such as timestamps or the duration of calls. Accessing the address book of the device you are targeting and the chronological information on calls, you will know who your child has conversations with when they are on the phone.

SMS monitoring:

In addition to calls to the phone, the spy app for android tracking tool lets you view received, sent, as well as deleted texts. It allows you to determine if your child is sharing inappropriate information or content with someone else and the reverse.

Social media monitoring:

These incredible tracking applications allow you to spy on all social media applications. For example, TheWiSpy will help you monitor live Instagram and Facebook feed and at the same time give you access to read private messages. However, mSpy can offer only access to messaging applications.

GPS location tracking:

With these spying applications, it is possible to follow your child. It allows you to track your child’s location, provide you with an itinerary history for the period you choose and provide details like coordinates and addresses. In addition, it is possible to view all the past as well as current places.

Web browser control:

You can monitor complete web browser history through this feature, including the visited sites and saved cookies or bookmarks. By using this innovative technology, you can limit the content your child can look at on the internet. It serves as a pornography blocker, and you can also restrict access to other websites that are not appropriate for children.

TheWiSpy Unique features

Camera spy
Surround recording
Voice message recording


Concluding this review, we’ve established that both TheWiSpy and mSpy have excellent features and are highly incredible. However, you’ll notice some difference in the pricing and features. TWS offer affordable and versatile plans that anyone can choose. And mSpy has extreme and expensive plans.

Whatever your reason for registering to either app mSpy or TheWiSpy are two of the best choices. If you’ve already decided on your needs, then you can use the application you prefer. In the end, both are fantastic.

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