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Tips to Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts

As your business grows, you may decide to add more social media accounts to serve your clients more effectively. However, managing multiple social media accounts can be stressful and overwhelming for some people. But, it doesn’t have to be. In this article, we will take you through six tips to manage multiple social media accounts effortlessly while maintaining a strong presence across all the accounts. With that said, let’s jump straight in.

Automate Posting

Posting on more than one social media account several times a day can be extremely time-consuming and laborious. Also, there’s a possibility of forgetting to post on some accounts if you are doing it manually. So, if you are managing multiple social media accounts, it will be highly advisable to automate posting. 

And, there are several tools out there that you can use to automate social media posting. Some of the most popular ones include SocialPilot, Hootsuite, CoSchedule, ContentStudio, SproutSocial, Buffer, Buzzsumo and Agorapulse, just to mention a few. 

Once you’ve selected your preferred tool, you simply need to create your post, select the date, the platforms and then the date and time. After queuing your posts, the tool will automatically publish them at the selected date and time, without your input.

Some platforms can allow you to schedule thousands of posts at a go, which can be a huge time saver. Also, you will be able to maintain a more consistent and regular posting schedule across all the accounts that you are running.  

Reuse Content

You have to create more content when you are managing multiple social media accounts. And, creating large volumes of high-quality social media content is both time-consuming and challenging. 

But, you don’t always have to create your content from scratch every time. Instead, you should consider repurposing some of the content that you already have. By repurposing your existing content, you will save a huge amount of time and effort that goes into content creation. Besides saving you time and effort, reusing content will also allow you to reach a wider audience while boosting your online presence. 

Apart from reusing content, you should also be curating content. Curating content is simply finding and sharing relevant and useful content to your audience. And better yet, there are tools out there, which you can use to automate content curation, thus saving yourself additional time and effort. 

Use Templates to Create Content

As we’ve highlighted above, reusing and repurposing content will save you tons of time and effort when it comes to creating content for several accounts. The good news is that you can simplify your work further by using social media templates

Social media templates are simply pre-made graphics, which you can easily edit in programs like Canva or Adobe Photoshop. With templates, you can easily create large volumes of stunning social media content within a few minutes. 

Besides saving you time and effort, templates will also help you maintain a cohesive and consistent aesthetic across all your social media accounts. And, a cohesive aesthetic will give your brand a professional look, which will attract new followers, retaining the ones you already have and increase overall engagement. 

Only Track Key Metrics

Tracking social media metrics is important, as it will help you to see how your accounts and campaigns are performing, across different areas. However, you should avoid trying to track every single metric, especially when you are managing multiple accounts. If you do so, you will end up overwhelming yourself with too much data, which you will have a hard time making sense of. 

Instead, you should only track the key metrics for your accounts and campaign. But, how do you determine which metrics to track? Well, you will first need to determine your goals. For instance, if you are using social media marketing to boost conversions, then you should only track click-through rates. On the other hand, if you are looking to boost brand awareness, then you should focus on metrics such as shares, comments and likes.

Tracking only the metrics relevant to your goals or campaigns will significantly simplify your social media management work.  You will also have an easier time analyzing the data and acting upon it immediately. 

Outsource Some Tasks

If you are still finding it hard to manage and handle everything, then you should consider outsourcing some of the tasks. As much as you would want to oversee everything, there’s only so much you can do within a day. Also, there’s a possibility you will end up burning yourself out. Instead, you need to outsource and delegate some of the work. 

For instance, you can outsource the creation of some types of content like video to someone specialized in the area. Also, if replying to comments and messages is consuming too much of your time, then you should also consider outsourcing some aspects of it to a virtual assistant. 

In Conclusion 

Managing multiple social media accounts can be challenging. But, it doesn’t have to be stressful. By leveraging the tips and strategies that we’ve shared here, you will be able to manage your several social media accounts more easily and effectively. 

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