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Vacuum technology for wood, the main advantages in 4 points

 Why choose vacuum technology for wood treatment? There are really many reasons, and today we will show you the main ones, starting from the economic advantage that derives from higher productivity with lower energy consumption.

 The economic advantage of vacuum wood technology

 A freshly felled plant contains high percentages of humidity and it would take a few years to lose them naturally. Furthermore, the procedure could never guarantee the pre-established results, since it is closely related to the atmospheric conditions and requires constant attention. This implies, for the companies that supply the wood material, the need to wait long periods of time before being able to commercialize it with considerable disadvantages from the point of view of liquidity.

 Treatment with vacuum technology, on the other hand, allows you to have perfect wooden boards to start building furniture, furnishings and for any other use within a few days, with a system that also ensures maximum energy savings. In fact, this technology makes it possible to achieve the same results as the traditional system with times up to 20 times faster.

 Low environmental impact with vacuum wood treatment

 In a period in which there is a lot of talk about the importance of taking care of the environment around us, vacuum technology with zero emissions is certainly an important point of arrival for all those companies that want to play an active role in the ecological transition.

 Quality wood thanks to vacuum technology

 One of the main points on which the quality of the wood is based is that which concerns the quantity of final humidity homogeneously distributed along the whole trunk. Only in this way is it possible to guarantee wooden products free of defects and destined to keep their shapes and qualities unchanged over time.

 Then there is another important advantage, which can be found in the best vacuum treatment systems for wood. The presence of versatile cells, with dimensions such as to allow the treatment of even small batches of wood, and the possibility of having in a single vacuum system both a production machine and a complement to complement the traditional systems, also allow small – medium companies to have woodworking systems that are perfect for their needs.WDE Maspell adds other advantages to its vacuum wood treatment systems, which have always been characterized by their simplicity of installation and use, by the possibility of dislocation they offer and by the reliability of the 10-year guarantee on the cells in stainless steel, which ensures each company maximum protection for its investment.

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