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5 sports activities with your baby

Babies are a blessing from above – but raising them requires time and attention. If you are a sporty individual, you might have to cut back a few hours once you get a kid. However, there are a few sports activities you can engage in with your baby. So, there is no harm in gearing up for a sporty day with your baby. 

As a parent, it may be a great idea to sign up your kid for kid-friendly physical activities if you want them to get started on lifelong fitness. Engaging in these creative activities also allows you to bond and discover your child’s new skills. 

These sports activities are age-appropriate. So, ensure you find a game idea that works for your baby’s age bracket. 

Packing Up

When babies are around 1 or 2 years, they love exploring new items and spaces around the house. That might involve emptying baby girl clothes from drawers, filling baskets with toys, among others. As a parent, you should take part in your baby’s exploration activities to ensure this form of play is safe.

For instance, you can give them a box filled with stuffed animals, baby girl clothes, blocks, etc. You can dump the contents on the floor and let them return the items to the container. Also, you can let them pick the items from the container one by one.

Monkey See, Monkey Do

If your baby is below six months, you do not expect them to engage in bike riding or play football in the backyard. So, a great way to enjoy your time with them is playing more miniature physical games such as monkey see, monkey do, a traditional imitating game.

The game involves getting close to your baby and imitating their gestures. Also, you can try making gestures, such as sticking your tongue out or clutching your ears, and see if they imitate you. 

Baby Workout

If you love spending your free time at the gym, there is no need to reduce your workout hours once you become a parent. Provided you get equipment for infant gym, you can always take your little one with you to the gym. However, baby workouts work better if you have a home gym.

Helping your baby work out helps them develop muscle strength and improve coordination. 


If your kid is older, playing kickball in your backyard is one of the best games you should consider. Apart from helping inspire interest, playing football at a young age is a great way to engage muscles while spending time outdoors. 

Depending on their age, there are different ways and intensities of playing kickball with your kid. At first, it might be a bit challenging for your kid to get the hang of the game. But will eventually love it as you put in more hours. 

Hide and Seek

Hide and seek is a classical game that everyone has played at some point in life. Generally, it’s a fun game to play with the entire family. However, there are different variations and ways to play this game in a baby-friendly manner. 

For instance, you can cover yourself with a sheet or blanket instead of hiding behind a closet. Additionally, you do not have to wait till the baby finds you – quickly reveal yourself to them.

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