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Have you heard of the cooltone? It’s the next best thing for body contouring!

Magnetic Muscle Stimulation, an advanced body contouring technology, actively engages muscle tissue to produce contractions that encourage muscle enhancement. As a modern, non-invasive, body contouring technology, you can achieve the toned body you’ve always wanted.

Perhaps you’ve achieved gains in your workout, or recently lost a bunch of weight. Maybe you just need to shape for an upcoming event. Whatever your needs may be, cool body contouring provides results that suit you. With easy thirty-minute treatments, you can get treated and back to your day in no time, but with results that last for weeks. 

When you search ‘cooltone near me,’ you may be surprised to see the many different reasons for pursuing treatment. Whether you see it as the start of a fitness journey or a way to proudly emphasize your physique, cooltone can help you. Read on to learn how cooltone can help you look your very best.  

How CoolTone Works 

Using a non-invasive magnetic muscle stimulator, pulses are sent to the muscle to stimulate involuntary contractions that tone the body and enhance musculature. The treatment uses non-invasive techniques to sculpt and shape the body.

How To Prepare For Treatment

To prepare for treatment, dress in light clothing and remove anything containing metal. You’ll also want to set your electronics aside. After discussing your goals, the provider will take a photograph of the target areas to track your progress. 

What Treatment Entails 

Treatment sessions run for about thirty minutes on average. You can read or take a cat nap to avoid boredom during this time. You will be guided into a reclined position as the determined number of applicators (typically one or two) are applied to the target area for treatment. Once treatment has ended, you may notice very minimal pain and a fast recovery time following the procedure. You should have no issues returning to your daily grind after the procedure has ended. 

How To Determine Cost 

Depending on where you receive cooltone, prices will vary. Many treatment locations offer payment plans to make treatment more affordable. Contact your provider to learn more about their financial accommodations. 

The Benefits Of CoolTone

The benefits of cooltone include:

  • No surgery 
  • Results supported by science
  • Virtually no recovery time
  • Toned target areas 

The Expected Results 

Continued improvement in your muscle mass will progress for a max of six months. You may also notice reduced fat in the treatment area. The results are not permanent, but with continued treatment and strength training, you can maintain your results. Expect to see results four weeks after your last cooltone treatment. 

Number Of Treatments 

Most clients receive a total of four treatments, for half an hour each, two times a week for a total of two weeks. You can continue maintaining your results by getting additional treatments every four to six months.  

Get The Results You’ve Been Waiting For 

If you’re looking to fine-tune your body with non-invasive and virtually pain-free technology, cooltone can give you that body contour you’ve been striving to achieve.

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