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19 fun facts about dolphins that you may not know

How many stories about dolphins do you know? Regardless of the year, the place or the culture, dolphins have always amazed people who have seen them or heard testimonies of their exploits. These aquatic mammals have captivated mankind with their intelligence, beauty and kindness. 

This is why we want to bring you 19 fun facts about dolphins that you should know.

Discover a fascinating world with Aquatours

One of the fun facts about dolphins is that with their intelligence, kindness and playful spirit, they have captivated mankind for centuries. At Aquatours, you will find people who are passionate about dolphins and always share with their visitors and readers fun facts about dolphins that you may not have known. 

Pay close attention, because it’s all real!

1. Dolphins are very intelligent

Despite remarkable scientific advances, researchers still face a fascinating enigma: the secrets of dolphin cognition. These intelligent and social marine mammals, with communication systems, perplex us with their abilities and behaviors.

Another fun fact about dolphins is that they have a large brain that allows them to perform impressive cognitive tasks, such as problem solving, learning and using tools. They can even recognize themselves in a mirror – amazing!

2. Dolphins are very communicative:

Dolphins communicate with each other through a variety of sounds, including whistles, clicks and clicks. These sounds can convey information about their location, food, danger and emotional state. Not only do they make sounds, but their body language perfectly conveys what they wish to communicate. 

3. They are very social and friendly:

Dolphins live in pods of up to 12 individuals, but some species can form herds of hundreds or even thousands of animals. Herd life is not limited to a simple survival strategy and as one of the fun facts about dolphins, we must highlight that they have developed a deep sense of community and affection that is manifested in various behaviors, such as:

  • Grooming each other
  • They play together
  • Comfort each other in times of sadness
  • They protect each other from predators.

4. They are very playful:

Dolphins love to play and are often seen surfing waves, jumping out of the water and playing with objects. They also enjoy playing with people. They are masters of fun and their joyful attitude is so infectious, it invites us to put fear aside and play with them.

5. They are very protective:

Dolphins are very protective of their calves and defend them from predators or any danger. They can also help other injured or sick dolphins. But another fun fact about dolphins is that they are so empathetic that they have been seen helping other species that have found themselves in danger, such as dogs or cats that have accidentally fallen into the water.

6. They have an excellent sonar system:

Did you know that dolphins use echolocation to navigate and find food in the dark? That’s right, these aquatic mammals emit high-frequency sounds that bounce off objects and then listen to the echoes to create a mental image of their surroundings.

7. They can sleep with one eye open:

One of the most impressive facts about dolphins is that they sleep with half of their brain at the same time, which allows them to be alert to predators and other dangers. We do not know if this is the origin of the popular expression “sleeping with one eye open”, what is certain is that the dolphin’s brain is a perfect machine.

8. They can live up to 50 years:

The life expectancy of a dolphin in the wild is around 20 to 50 years. Under captivity or care, it is possible for them to live around 60 years or more.

9. They are endangered animals:

Many dolphin species are in danger of extinction due to hunting, pollution and habitat loss. It is important to protect these amazing animals for future generations.

10. They have a highly developed sense of taste:

Dolphins can taste sweet, salty, sour and bitter. Like humans, they are able to differentiate each taste. 

11. They are very curious:

Dolphins love to explore their environment and are often seen investigating new objects. In addition, their approach is very friendly.

12. They do not drink seawater:

They avoid drinking seawater because their kidneys cannot eliminate salt, generating water loss. They obtain water from their diet, as their meat contains a high percentage. Their kidneys are very efficient, reabsorbing as much water as possible from the urine.

13. They are very sensitive to touch:

Dolphins have very sensitive skin and enjoy being stroked. In addition, their skin is renewed approximately every two hours.

14. They are very vocal animals:

Dolphins use a variety of sounds to communicate with each other, including whistles, clicks, clicks, clicks and roars.

15. They are mammals:

Although dolphins’ habitat is the ocean or sea, they are mammals like people, elephants, cats, dogs. They gestate and then nurse their young. 

16. They do not chew fish:

These aquatic mammals never chew their fish, they swallow them in large pieces or whole. In addition, they have conical teeth

17. They are very empathetic:

Another fun fact about dolphins is that they can understand and respond to the emotions of others. It is believed that for this reason they are perfect for interacting with people with depression and anxiety.

18. Sexual activity all 12 months of the year: 

These small cetaceans may have more than one partner because their sexual activity is not seasonal as is the case with other species.

19. They are very beautiful creatures:

Dolphins are graceful and elegant animals that are a joy to watch. Many of them have a dorsal fin and a nostril on the top of their head that they use for breathing and that is where they make their sounds.

Swimming with dolphins: A unique and unforgettable experience

Aquatours offers the unique opportunity to swim with dolphins in their natural habitat. Anyone can swim with dolphins, as long as they are in good health. However, there are some restrictions to ensure the safety of the dolphins and the participants. Did you know these fun facts about dolphins?

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