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Safety And Style Why Glass Balustrades Are The Ultimate Choice For Contemporary Homes

When it comes to home design, there is a growing trend for contemporary aesthetics that blends both form and function. One sleek and chic way to bring these two elements beautifully together is through installing glass balustrades

Though often used in commercial settings such as hotels and office buildings, glass balustrades have become widespread in residential places due to their stylish, yet solid safety features. From balconies and staircases to pool fences, these design elements not only enhance the overall look of a dwelling but also ensure maximized safety.

Safety Heavily Prioritized

Glass balustrades are typically made from tempered or toughened safety glass that is quite resilient to external forces. This robust build adds a solid barrier that helps protect you and your family, particularly if you have children who love to run around or an elevated place like a balcony. The transparency of the glass also increases safety as it allows for clear visibility of the area, reducing the risk of accidents.

Clean Minimalist Look

Fast becoming a staple in contemporary home design, glass balustrades offer a clean, minimalist look. The transparent feature of the glass allows light to flow seamlessly, creating a feeling of extra space. This is particularly beneficial for small apartments and homes as it gives an illusion of a larger space.

Not just limited to the interior, glass balustrades also work wonderfully for the exterior, such as balconies and around swimming pools, where they add an elegant touch without obstructing the view.

Durability and Maintenance

An underrated feature of glass balustrades is their durability. When properly installed, they resist impact and harsh weather conditions, making them a long-term investment. Furthermore, their maintenance is relatively straightforward and inexpensive. Regular cleaning with a glass cleaner is sufficient to keep your balustrades sparkling.

Versatility in Design

Glass balustrades offer versatility in design as they can be tailored to fit the unique requirements of your home, be it curved, straight, or custom shaped. The choice of fixings, whether stainless steel or frameless, also helps complement the overall look of your home. Plus, you have the option of adding a tint or frosted finish for more privacy.

Adding Value to Your Home

Installing glass balustrades is more than a style statement. It’s also an excellent way to increase the value of your home due to their high-quality look and feel. This can be of significant benefit if you ever plan on selling your property in the future as home buyers appreciate well-thought-out and quality design elements.

In conclusion, the installation of glass balustrades is an efficient way to achieve safety while not compromising on design. With their minimalist look, robust safety features, and high durability, they truly are the ultimate choice for contemporary homes.

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