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7 Styles of Hairline Tattoos


If you’re considering getting a hairline tattoo, you will need to pick a style. Your technician can help you select a style that suits your age, lifestyle, and head shape. Each style is unique and can add something distinct to your style. Consider selecting a hairline tattoo style before going to your initial consultation with a practitioner. Here is more information about different styles of hairline tattoos: 

Natural Hairline 

Many people select this style as it does not completely change their appearance. The natural hairline looks similar to your inborn hairline. If you are getting a hairline tattoo for the first time, trying a natural hairline can help you feel more comfortable with the experience. 

Your original hairline guides your scalp micropigmentation artist to create a custom look. This style typically won’t be a big change from your previous image. If you just want to restore your hairline to its former state, this is a great option for you.  

Faded Hairline 

The faded style is a famous hairline known for its classic look and subtlety. This style was created to give clients a soft look on the front edge of their hairline. It is achieved through a light pigment shade and a build-up of color behind the hairline. This technique uses a technique similar to a naturally faded hairline to create a side profile that seems similar to the modern-day skin fade. 

The faded hairline is considered a low-maintenance style as you may not have to get a lot of touch-ups. Its soft nature makes it a natural alternative to a more defined look.  

Defined Hairline 

A defined hairline places emphasis on the hairline edges. It suits older styles and can improve the appearance of the hairline without oversaturating the area. This style may last long and makes your hairline more distinct without appearing altered. Defined hairline tattoos can help you enhance a bold appearance and stand out with simple micropigmentation.  

Widow’s Peak Hairline Tattoo 

This style is distinct and suits those with the natural widow’s peak hairline. It has a downward V-shape at the center of the forehead. If you have a natural widow’s peak hairline, this style is ideal for you. A hair tattoo practitioner designs a soft, broken-edge widow’s peak that looks realistic and without being too sharp. 

A widow’s peak style may suit you, depending on the shape of your head. Your artist will examine your head shape to determine if this style would look good on you. The scalp tattoo artist can modify the style over time. 

Receded Hairline 

The receded hairline takes the shape of a slightly concave side profile with a mix of the faded hairline. It primarily suits people with certain head shapes: oval and heart. Simply extending the hairline in your natural shape and adding some light pigments on the scalp make the style look natural.  

Persons with a naturally receded hairline prefer this style as it is a subtle change. Your SMP practitioner can create a similar hairline to help you feel comfortable with the micropigmentation. 

If you have thinning hair, this style works great. The hair tattoo may blend seamlessly with your hair and create an illusion of a full head of hair.  

Dusted Hairline 

This style is a lighter version of scalp micro pigmentation. It is conducted with very light shades that are slightly spaced to appear scattered. The dusted hairline style may suit you if you want a slight upgrade for your appearance. 

You can increase the shade later if you want to go darker than the original micropigmentation. You could increase the shade over time or overlap the dusted hairline with a different hairline, depending on your preference. 

Select Your Hairline Tattoo Style 

If you are planning to get a scalp tattoo, select your style before your appointment. Your hairline tattoo artist will guide you on the style that suits you, but it is beneficial to have an idea of the styles you prefer. 

The different hairline tattoos styles include the natural, faded, widow’s peak, receded, and dusted hairlines. Select any style based on your natural hairline, age, lifestyle, and head shape. Your head tattoo practitioner can customize the style you select to suit your head shape and personal taste.

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