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Top 10 wedding planners in Gurgaon

In India, a wedding is always a special event, and every couple like to celebrate it in a grand and eloquent fashion. However, the changing scenario of our present lifestyle, coupled with the hustle and bustle of city life, has made it a distant dream. To transform this bleak scenario into bliss, the wedding planners these days are providing a conceptualize service to the would-be-couples to make their dream come reality.

 With the wedding planners around now, it becomes a lot easier for the would-be-couple to arrange their marriage ceremony. From selecting the wedding venue to choosing the decor elements and from vendor management, the wedding planner takes a look at every aspect to make your dream wedding into a memorable event. So, if you are planning to hire a wedding planner for your wedding, then go through some of the best wedding planners given below.              


Best Wedding Planners in Gurgaon


Devents is a Gurgaon-based event planning company that aims to make your special day worth remembering. A wedding is always a special event in a person’s life. Thus, it requires professional planners who can make your wedding day more special.

Devents have been in the wedding planning industry for a long time. They work as a highly professional team and have extensive experience in hosting themed parties, special events, and weddings. Devents determines the objectives and goals of the event and classifies the budget of the customer. Unique concepts and ideas set them apart from others. Their primary services include guest management, event flow management, on-site support staff, wedding stationery, entertainment design and choreography, styling and personal shopper, food and beverage management, decor planning and execution, vendor management, etc. The most popular package of Devents includes Hotels, Space banquet halls, Poolside, etc.

Weddings by TIH

Primarily located in Gurgaon, Weddings by TIH offer a variety of creative themes and innovative ideas that can help plan your wedding day in the best way possible. Their bags are full of innovative ideas and creative themes that can make your guests feel cheerful and happy. Their top-notch services come in the most affordable packages, which you can select as per your budget requirements. 

With more than a hundred of entertainers, caterers, booking dealers, invite designers, wedding gift designers, decor artists, and guest managers, Weddings by TIH plan your wedding with every possible arrangement. They provide a bunch of services such as decor planning and execution, on-site supporting staff, wedding stationery, entertainment design and choreography, food and beverage management, stationery and signages for the event, logistics and transportation management, event flow management, personal and styling shopper, etc.

Kaleerein by Kanika Kumari

Planning and hosting a wedding ceremony is always a difficult task, especially when you want to make your dream wedding a reality. Therefore, to turn your wedding into a more memorable event turn out to Kaleerein, a Gurgaon based wedding company. Kaleerein ventured in 2015 and is being run by a wedding planning expert Kanika Kumari who has both the expertise and ideas to decorate your wedding in a unique way. The main objective of Kaleerein by Kaniak Kumari is to provide one-stop wedding planning and solution to the clients. Apart from that they also ensure to make your wedding more special and memorable.

Kaleerein by Kanika Kumari has a team of professionals who are skilled at planning, arranging, organizing, and presenting a unique decorative theme through their work. The company has covered a wide range of wedding ceremonies and therefore has extensive knowledge of offering a wide variety of themes.  

E-wizard Events      

When it’s about integrating technology in a wedding ceremony E-wizard Events is a reliable name that you can count on. E-wizard Events is one of the leading Gurgaon based wedding planners who have the expertise of making a wedding more interactive. The company ventured its journey in 2010, and to date, it has covered a large number of wedding ceremonies and has made them a grand success.

E-wizard Events has a team of professionals who has a unique arrangement style to make a wedding more memorable. Some of the services provided by them for a wedding ceremony include event flow management, vendor management, choreography and entertainment design, transport & logistic management, and food & beverage management. However, what makes them special is their creative mind, hard work, and satisfactory service to their clients.  

Eventz Asia 

Eventz Asia is a renowned wedding planning service in Gurgaon that has a group of experienced and well-trained event planners. The company ventured in 2013, and since then, it has been providing cherishing and memorable service to its clients. Eventz Asia aims to offer one of a kind wedding planning services to their client by creating a unique decorative experience without hampering your budget.

Eventz Asia has a team of well-trained staff who has the potential to make your wedding more beautiful and remarkable by providing flawless services. They offered a variety of wedding planning services, which include decor planning and execution, guest management, vendor management, entertainment design & choreography, and stylist and personal shoppers. Moreover, they also provide customized wedding planning solutions within an affordable budget.

Fiore Events & Weddings 

If you are planning to decorate your wedding in a more classy and elegant style, then Fiore Events & Weddings can be the best option for you. Fiore Events & Weddings is a Gurgaon based wedding planning service that aims to focus on creating an eccentric classy ambience to your wedding hall. They work on creating themes that project the colour combination and set a perfect backdrop for the whole wedding ceremony. They make each wedding ceremony a memorable adventure and brings an invigorating touch of the joy of celebration through their style of work.

Planing a wedding event with Fiore Events & Weddings will not only give you immense joy but also make your dream wedding ceremony come true. Fiore & Events offers a wide range of wedding planning services, which include event flow management, decor planning and execution, vendor management, guest management, entertainment design & choreography, and food & beverage management. 

Mango Production

Mango Production is a venture of Mr. Manas Katyal, who aims to bring the Bollywood style, fashion, and glamour to the Gurgaon wedding ceremonies. He has a team of professional wedding planners who ensure to take care of even the most meticulous wedding design to make your wedding decoration more unique and memorable.

To turn your wedding into an unforgettable event, they always ensure to offer the best of their services and expertise. Some of the wedding services provided by the Mango production team include venue and theme selection, budget analysis, lighting and sound, guest managements. Apart from this, they also offer corporate wedding services. 

Muhurta Weddings  

Muhurta Weddings is a Gurgaon based wedding planning company that is known to provide wedding services in a grand and eloquent fashion. They outline the wedding ceremony in the most vibrant manner, which will give you the fervour of Indian traditional wedding ceremonies. The main focus of Muhurta Weddings is not just to make a wedding unique and memorable but to add a touch of grandiosity and elegance to the whole ceremony and spread the joy of happiness among everyone.

The company has hosted a large number of marriage events and has the expertise to provide a wide range of wedding planning services. Quality service is always the main motto of Muhurta Weddings, and to add that delinquent touch to your wedding ceremony, their team of professionals always ensure to offer the best to their clients. Some of their services include decor planning & execution, vendor management, entertainment design and choreography, on-site support staff, styling, and personal shopper and event flow management.

Edesia Events

Edesia Events is a Gurgaon based wedding planning company who is renowned for making wedding arrangements in the grandest style. Opting for Edesia Events will give you the luxury to remain relaxed with your wedding arrangements. They have a team of professionals who have both the expertise and the creativity to take care of your whole wedding planning. Edesia Events always stays ahead of time and always ensures to provide the best wedding services to their clients. Be it a pre-wedding ceremony or a post-wedding ceremony; they aim to provide a one-stop wedding solution and bring their uniqueness through their creative touch. 

From decoration to creativity, their team of professionals ensures that it’s being arranged just the way you imagined it to be. They also offer a wide range of personalized wedding planning packages, which include guest management, vendor management, decor planning and execution, event flow management, guest management, and transport & logistics management.


Twinkraft is a Gurgaon based wedding service company that is renowned for providing specialized wedding planning and management services. In India, a big fat wedding ceremony involves a lot of things; therefore; therefore, hiring a wedding planning service like Twinekraft will give you the most feasible solution. Hiring their services will not only help you in making your marriage more memorable but also provide a unique experience. TwineKraft is famous for its skilled wedding planning services and always provides its best to make your wedding more extraordinary and remarkable.

If you are searching for a trusted wedding planning services, then Twinkraft is your go-to name. Their team of professionals always ensures to provide trusted service to their clients. Apart from that, they offer a wide variety of services, which include event flow management, guest management, vendor management, decor planning and execution, entertainment design & choreography, and wedding stationery.  


To Conclude

Selecting a skilful wedding planner for your wedding is as difficult task as taking upon the whole responsibility of arrangement on your own. Therefore, to simplify the process, you can take the help of this guide as it will help you with some important information about some of the prominent wedding service providers. Moreover, hiring a skilled wedding planner will not only help you to make your dream a reality but also pave the way to make a great memory that will be worth cherishing.    

FAQ’s on Wedding Planners and Event Management      

Q. What is the average price for wedding planners in Gurgaon?

Ans. The charges of wedding planners in Gurgaon basically depends upon the popularity of the company and the wedding budget. Most renowned wedding planners in Gurgaon charges approximately between Rs. 2 lakh to Rs. 6 lakh. Moreover, one should also consider the fact that the charges for wedding planning depend upon the packages offered by different vendors.

Q. Do wedding planners in Gurgaon help in planning destination weddings? 

Ans. The service of destination weddings may vary from vendor to vendor. Some wedding planner provides service within the state while several other wedding planners provide services for destination weddings. Therefore, you should always check their services before hiring a wedding planner.  

Q. Will the wedding planners in Gurgaon help in packing stuff in case of a destination wedding?

Ans. Yes, most of the renowned wedding planners in Gurgaon provide the facility of transport & logistic management in case of a destination wedding. You can also check their service by requesting a quote, as this will give you a better insight into their overall services and facility. 

Q. Do wedding planners help in finding an appropriate wedding venue?

Ans. Yes, all most all the wedding planner provide their client with these services. Afterall the task of the wedding planner is to plan and to make arrangements for your overall marriage ceremony. Therefore, hiring a wedding planner will help you to find an appropriate wedding venue.

Q. Do I have to make any advance payment to the wedding planner?

Ans. Yes, the wedding planner always charges an advance payment for rendering the services. Most of the wedding planners also have contract papers where you need to sign in and make an advance payment for hiring their services. In some cases, the wedding planner even charges the whole amount in advance. 

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