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Method: lie back on the ground by the back. Put the legs on the ground. Fold both legs with knees. Then place both the hands on the ground beside the head. Raise the waist and make the body circular.(Raising whole body on pans in place of feet)

Leave the head down. Stay in this situation for a while.

Now bring the waist down slowly to the ground.

There are various legislation to do this:

  1. Raising whole body on pans in place of feet.
  2. Stand up and lift your hands towards the front, take it back, grab the ground with your hands.

Note: Before standing and practicing chakrasana, it is necessary to get mastery in both the above exercises.

Benefit: –

  1. Make the body flexible and smooth like rubber.
  2. Bone of the spinal cord and lungs can be made flexible by conquering old age.
  3. The waist becomes thin, sleek, attractive, and lighter and chest widens.
  4. Due to strong muscle strength, knees, hands, feet become athletic and agile.
  5. This posture reduces the stomach fat. Therefore, it is beneficial for dancers.
  6. The Naval division comes to its own place automatically.
  7. Removes stomach disturbances.
  8. The thighs and calves are confirmed by this posture.
  9. The upper part of the elbow becomes stronger.
  10. This posture increases the height.
  11. All diseases of the stomach are removed, which increases digestion power.

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