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Top 5 Artificial Flowers Wholesale Market in Delhi

Delhi has long been a popular tourist destination. It is well-known for the variety of wholesale marketplaces it offers. Extrinsic and fanciful aspects are also present in Artificial Flowers Wholesale Market in Delhi, besides the many historical monuments, cultural sites, and street cuisines. 

To continue our tradition, we are here today to list some of Delhi’s most congested flower markets. If you have an occasion coming up, such as a wedding, birthday party, or anniversary, you should go to any of these markets and get some lovely and fresh flowers to use in your celebration.

Artificial Flowers Wholesale Market in Delhi

Sadar Bazaar

Sadar Bazaar Flower Market is a place for many Artificial Flowers Wholesale Markets in Delhi, and it offers a variety of products. The unique designs and variety of artificial flowers make it a savoir-faire for domesticated designers, ‘ aftermath planners,’ and individuals interested in purchasing stirred flowers in bulk.

Artificial Flowers Wholesale Market in Delhi

Artificial flower trends are blooming globally, making it very popular among interior designers. One substantial reward for ready flowers is their long-lasting colour.

Fake flowers keep their influence for a longer time, and they are not thirstier or need water like existent flowers, which are fragile and need firm maintenance. Their strength and power of non-breakability make them a challenging and good competitor in the market for real flowers. 

The parousia of stirred flowers marks a new era in which the regard for these products was expected to proceed robustly. In advanced years, there had been a discernible exchange in consumer preferences towards stirred silk flowers, bouquets, and orchid hangings.

This reduction had yet to entirely meet the regard for low maintenance, long-lasting flowered decor but had likewise elevated the prowess of stirred flowers and plants to new heights.

  • Timings: 11 am to 6 pm
  • Closed Day: Sunday
  • Nearest Metro Station: Tiz Hazari (Red Line)
  • Bus Routes: 144A, 901, 114+, 990E, 166 and 160
  • Parking Availability: Yes
  • Nearby Markets: Mithai Pul and Khari Baoli
  • Easy Food Availability: Yes, available in variety 

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Chandni Chowk

The commodities sold in the marketplaces of Chandni Chowk, located in the national capital, are liked by people from Delhi and all across the country while attending significant events. Many people from various states go to this location mainly to purchase clothing, decorations, and food that may be worn throughout the wedding season. 

CHandni Chowk Flower Market

In addition, people visit the shops of Chandni Chowk to get various kinds of flowers used in the house for important occasions. A significant rise in the cost of flowers may be seen throughout this period due to the growing demand for these blooms.

This well-known retail district in Old Delhi offers various wedding materials. Some of the items that can be found here include baskets, imitation flowers, decorations, and more. If you want to get the finest prices, you can go through the many stores and booths in the market.

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Wholesale Flower Market in Delhi

These markets provide a wide variety of roses, lilies, orchids, and other flowers at reasonable costs. They’re also a wonderful place to save money. Flowers for festivals, weddings, home décor, poojas, and other important events are conveniently accessible at reasonable prices. Two of the biggest flower markets in the state are the Ghazipur Flower Market and the Connaught Place Flower Market. Both of these markets are located in Delhi. 

In addition to it, there are additional marketplaces at Chandni Chowk, Lado Sarai Mandi, Kisaan Phool Mandi, and other places. However, these marketplaces need a sufficient supply of some flowers, such as marigolds and roses. The following is a list of wholesale flower markets in Delhi that will provide an unforgettable experience for those interested in shopping and photographic opportunities.

Ghazipur Flower Market

The Ghazipur flower market is one of Delhi’s most significant wholesale marketplaces. It is ideal for photographers and botanists, with many flower booths arranged step-by-step. Conversely, the market’s genesis traced back to Mehrauli, and shortly after that, it moved to Ghazipur.

Ghazipur Flower Market

 It is the most recent focus of interest for stores, florists, wedding providers, and those who sell flowers by the side of the road. In addition to orchids, roses, carnations, lilies, and rajnigandha, you can also get a wide variety of other South Asian flowers originating from China, Holland, India, and other countries in the region.

  • Timings: Opens 24 hours
  • Closed Day: None (Open all days)
  • Nearest Metro Station: Kaushambi (Blue and Pink Line)
  • Bus Routes: 206A, 211, 211B, 333, 90, and 43A
  • Parking Availability: Yes
  • Must buy: Vegetables and flowers
  • Nearby Markets: Anand Vihar, Kaushambi and Karkarduma 
  • Easy Food Availability: Few outlets are available

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Connaught Place Flower Market

In addition to being referred to as the phool mandi, the flower market in Delhi Central Park is among the most extensive flower marketplaces in all of Asia. An abundance of flowers imported from Bangkok, Thailand, Holland, and other countries are available here. Different kinds of flowers from Maharashtra, Bengaluru, and Kolkata found at the local races. Additionally, the stores in this area sell a wide variety of other items besides flowers, including gift baskets, greenery, bouquets, silk flowers, and much more.

CP flower market

However, fake flowers, reeds, and bamboo species may have also secured a place in the market. In 1995, Mr. Brij Mohan Khanagwal launched the Phool mandi in Delhi, and it has since grown to the point where it now generates over three hundred thousand rupees in daily revenue. Throughout the day, the market stays active with the tea dealers setting up along the roadside.

  • Timings: 4 am to 9 am
  • Closed Day: None
  • Nearest Metro Station: Rajiv Chowk (Blue and Yellow Line)
  • Bus Routes: 440, 316A, 378, 460, 522, 859, 85EXT, and  73 
  • Parking Availability: Yes
  • Nearby Markets: Janpath
  • Easy Food Availability: Yes

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Fatehpuri Flower Market

The Fatehpur Flower Market is now the oldest in Delhi, founded around eight decades ago. It is close to the Fatehpuri Mosque, a historic building and the oldest spice market. In addition to that, it is also referred to as Genda Phool Mandi since the marigold flowers are the centerpiece of this location. Among the goods sold at the market are Markit/setki, Ashok patti, and bijli phool, sent to all the other local mandis around the nation.

Flowers Wholesale Market in Delhi

Even though it begins before the sun rises and closes within a few hours, the market nonetheless manages to generate a crore of revenue in such a short time.

  • Timings: 4 am to 9 am
  • Closed Day: None
  • Nearest Metro Station: Chandni Chowk (Yellow Line)
  • Bus Routes: 114+, 990E, 144A, 160, 166, and 901
  • Parking Availability: Yes
  • Nearby Markets: Moti Bazaar and Kinari Bazaar
  • Easy Food Availability: Yes, available

It is possible to locate a market selling fake flowers in Delhi. But you will most likely regret missing out on the famed flower market in and around Delhi. For many years, Delhi has been the city with the most extensive flower commerce. And merchants from various nations rely on these marketplaces because they can get flower mandi prices in Delhi. 

Since the beginning of time, the bustling flower marketplaces have been the heart and soul of Delhi, drawing in shoppers, visitors, and photographers alike. If you are a resident of Delhi, organize a weekend excursion with the people you care about and purchase some vibrant and fresh flowers to include in your interior design.

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