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Top 7 Private Cabin Cafes in Aurangabad

Famed as a cultural and historical location in India, Aurangabad is also emerging as a favorite spot among couples due to the availability of private cabin cafes and restaurants. 

These isolated sitting locations offer exquisite interiors, cozy & comfortable seating, tempting delicacies, romanticizing music and picture-perfect corners to weave some indelible memories. 

Here we have accumulated the top private cabin restaurants and cafes of Aurangabad for intimate couple dates and small gatherings of close friends. 

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1. Hyde-out Lounge

The decent interior of the Hyde-out lounge gives a spark of romance. Massively dipped into the blue and brown tinges, this lounge has scores of separate corners with a simple table chair setup and sofa setup. The catchy thoughts written on the backdrops add more specifications to this place.

Visitors can reserve separate tables for couple dates and intimate group gatherings before the decided day. When it comes to the signature dishes and their classy representation, Hang-Out Lounge outshines the other options of Aurangabad. Attentive staff, prompt service and pocket-friendly prices are just icing on the cake.

Address – L1 L2 L3 Chetan Trade Center Opposite SFS School, Jalna Road, Aurangabad, Maharashtra 431001

A quick view of convincing features of Hyde-Out Lounge -:

Private sitting – Available

Outdoor Sitting – Available

Cost for two people – INR 1300 – INR 1500 (for meal only)

Variety of Cuisines – French and Indian

Highly Recommended – Kungpao fries, Hyde-Out special salad, Burnt Garlic Rice and Assorted Sizzler etc.

Live Music – Available 

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2. Backstreet Cafe

The dimly lit private couple-centric cabins of Backstreet Cafe lure the love birds of Aurangabad. Apart from the beauty of cabins, the hosts embellish them with floral petals, romantic fairy lighting and bubbly heart balloons for an affectionating date. You can ask for a personalized decoration from the host to make it more special for your beloved partner. 

The rest of the area of Backstreet Cafe leaves no stone unturned in impacting the groups of close friends, cousins and colleagues. Even the cabins also have ample space for a small group get-together. The extended range of menu including varieties does not disappoint the foodies as well.

Address – Chandrakala Arcade, Shop No. 17, 18, 19, Nirala Bazar, Aurangabad, Maharashtra 431001

A quick view of convincing features of Backstreet Cafe -:

Private sitting – Available

Cost for two people – INR 1000 – INR 1200 (for meal only)

Variety of Cuisines – Chinese and Indian

Highly Recommended – Mexican Chicken, Backstreet Special Burger and Backstreet special sandwich etc.

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3. Café Woodie’s 

This prominent cafe of Aurangabad holds the tag of the first theme-based cafe in this state. Heavily based on the wooden concept, the ambiance of this cafe has the potential to spread pleasurable vibes in bulk. The place provides cozy cabins secluded from the public sitting for couples and close friends. The quirky sketches with catchy messages on walls become the best backdrops for a perfect click. 

On the demands of guests, the staff decors the private cabins according to their wishes. Cafe Woodies also organizes Valentine’s Day celebrations for couples in which one can enjoy an ideal date. A variety of cuisines compliment the vibe of the cafe and warm the hearts of foodies.

Address – Near Tapadiya Merit School, Shreya Nagar, New Usmanpura, Aurangabad, Maharashtra 431001

A quick view of convincing features of Cafe Woodies -:

Private sitting – Available

Cost for two people – INR 1000 – INR 1200 (for meal only)

Variety of Cuisines – Indian, Italian and French

Highly Recommended –  Coleslaw Sandwiches, French Bites, choco Rush and Woodies pasta etc.

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4. Cafe Holiday 

The interior of Cafe Holiday might leave you agape as the small entrance and locality do not sync well with it. Loaded with uniqueness both in taste and privacy, Cafe Holiday is a hot hub for couples in Sambhajinagar. The romantic ambiance embellished with cute & lovely items, couple portraits, and love messages enriches the experience of couples in just one visit. 

To level up the standard of your private date one notch higher, you can ask the hosts of Cafe Holiday for a lovely decor service. The public dining area away from the private cabins invites groups of close family members, friends, and colleagues to chill there. You can also choose Rooftop seating for more privacy.

Address – Near Kranti Chowk, to, Paithan Gate Rd, Ajabnagar, Aurangabad, Maharashtra 431001

A quick view of convincing features of Cafe Holiday -:

Private sitting – Available

Rooftop Seating – Available

Cost for two people – INR 1000  – INR 1200 (for meal only)

Variety of Cuisines – French, Italian and Indian 

Highly Recommended –  Cheeseburger and French fries combo, Holiday Special Sandwich, Corn Maggie, and Sizzling brownie with ice cream. 

Live Music – Available

Live Performance – Available

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5. Kozy Fine Dine Restaurant & Bar 

This beautiful dining location in Aurangabad has everything that can impress visitors immensely. As the name signifies, Kozy Fine Dine has several cozy corners for close friends and couples. Especially for family gatherings and kids, the place has an underground location. Perfect lighting, big screens, and comfortable seating arrangements make it a top priority place among privacy seekers. 

The variations in the detectable delicacies and mocktails draw the food lovers towards it in bulk. For family gatherings of 8-10 people, you can reserve the large tables at Kozy Fine Dine Restaurant & Bar.

Address – Kranti Chowk Traffic Circle, 17363/4, Adalat Rd, next to Raymond Shop, Aurangabad, Maharashtra 431001

A quick view of convincing features of Kozy Fine Dine Restaurant & Bar -: 

Private sitting – Available

Outdoor Sitting – Available

Cost for two people – INR 1500  – INR 2000 (for meal only)

Variety of Cuisines –   Indian, Chinese And Mughlai 

Highly Recommended –  Apple Chicken, Rice Bread, Banana Split, Chow Chow Potatoes, Cheese Cherry Pineapple and a variety of seafood starters.

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6. TeAmo Restaurant 

Planning for a romantic date at a purely vegetarian restaurant in Aurangabad? TeAmo restaurant can be an ideal choice. The rooftop cabanas decked up with flimsy golden curtains and strings give an authentic lovey-dovey vibe. Apart from the secluded sitting areas, the public dining ambiance is well-maintained and quite decent. 

For special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, the restaurant hosts make extra efforts to make the event successful. Whether it’s music of someone’s special choice, dish presentation in a unique way to impress someone or lovely decor to fill the heart of a special one with warmth, TeAmo fulfills all the requirements of its valuable guests. The top-notch hospitality of this restaurant sets it apart from other options available in Aurangabad.

Address –  Khinvasara GoldPlex, 4th Floor, Jalna Road, Opposite Akashwani, Aurangabad, Maharashtra 431001

A quick view of convincing features of TeAmo Restaurant -: 

Private sitting – Available

Outdoor Sitting – Available

Cost for two people – INR 1500  – INR 2000 (for meal only)

Variety of Cuisines –   Indian, Italian, French and American

Highly Recommended –  Penne Pasta in Pink Sauce, Lotus Stem Honey Chilli, Aromatic pot rice – a house specialty and TeAmo Dal Makhni – the signature TeAmo dish etc. 

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7. Cafe Food Lovers 

This small yet catchy cafe in Aurangabad is solely designed to meet the desires of privacy seekers. The cabin areas of the Cafe have cozy sitting with dim yellow lighting and beautiful couple portraits on the walls. On specific occasions such as birthday celebrations, proposing to your special one and an intimate anniversary celebration, the guests can ask for lovely decoration of their pre-booked private cabin. 

Since the cafe is small, you will get the advantage of attentive staff, great hospitality and prompt services etc. Groups of close friends, family members and colleagues can also come and enjoy some lighter moments here.

Address – Plot No. 224, Nikita apartment, Kamgar Chowk, N 3, Cidco, Aurangabad, Maharashtra 431003

A quick view of convincing features of Cafe Food Lovers –

Private Sitting – Available 

Cost for two people – INR 1000 – INR 1200 (for meal only

Highly Recommended options – Variety of sandwiches, organic cheese pizza and smoothies etc. 

Few tips to enjoy a perfect meetup or date in Aurganabad’s private cabin restaurants and cafes -: 

  • Choose a perfect time for planning a date at these above-listed locations. You must keep the weather and time of the meeting in mind while deciding the private location. 
  • Avoid visiting these places on a special festive season or other occasion especially when you are willing to have a private quiet moment with your partner. 
  • Don’t forget to pre-reserve these cabins if you want to avoid all the chances of disappointment. 
  • Check the specifications of these private cabin cafes and restaurants while finalizing the one. These specifications include – a delightful ambiance, distinct culinary experience, minimal touch of decoration and discounts on couple dates etc. 
  • Inform the host of the cafe and restaurant regarding the personalized decoration and unique dish presentation etc, if you want to make your beloved partner feel extra special. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – 

Q – What brings brownie points to these private cabin cafes and restaurants? 

A – An exclusive dining experience, privacy for romantic dates and quality & peaceful time with a close one, etc make such cafes and restaurants more special. 

Q – Are these private cafes and restaurants capable of hosting large gatherings? 

A – Yes, many of the above-listed dining locations have ample sitting areas to conduct a joyful gathering of nearly 8-10 people. 

Q – How Can One Reserve Or Book A Private Area For Date Or Other Meet Ups In Aurangabad’s Cafes And Restaurants? 

A –  To ensure the availability of your desired table or private cabin on the big day, contact the hosts of these prominent cafes and restaurants through their website and contact number. 

Q – What is the price range of available delicacies at these private cabin cafes and restaurants of Aurangabad? 

A – For two people, approximately the budget of 1500-2000 rupees is enough to enjoy the detectable delicacies here. For decoration of the cabin, you will need to pay extra to the cafe or restaurant authorities. 

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