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Top 15 Girls handbag brands in India

The choices of Indian consumers have evolved tremendously over the last decade, hence effect every market and the bags market is no exception to this rule. Today, a handbag, or any other bag for that matter, is not merely a necessity, it is a fashion accessory. It is seen as an expression of one personality and as an essential element to complete the look of a person. There are various kinds and categories of bags available in the market.

The Indian bags market is categorised by a plethora of brands fighting it out to make it to the top. In this situation it becomes increasingly difficult for the consumer to decide which brand they should shop from and which brand they should not. Given the growing income rates as well as aggressive urbanisation, the demand for fashion products is at an all time high.

In order to ease you of this dilemma, here we have a list of top 11 bag brands in India that, with their creative designs and quality, have proved time and again why they are the best.

1. Baggit-

Baggit woman bag In India

Brainchild of the founder Nina Lekhi, the brand was founded in 1990. It is one of the most popular brands in the Indian market and has a presence both in stores and on e-commerce platforms. The brand offers unique and elegant designs at an affordable price, it also has impressive durability. Currently it is estimated that the company has a net worth of more than 60 crores.

2. Da Milano-

Da Milano woman bag In India

If there is one brand you can put your faith in when it comes to bags, Da Milano is definitely one of them. With over six decades of experience in manufacturing state-of-the-art leather goods, the company offers much more than bags. Its uniquely crafted products are sure to up your style game. The brand also offers travel bags and wallets that never cease to appeal to the customers.

3. Caprese-

Caprese woman bag In India

With drool worthy designs that are a right mix of chic and elegant, Caprese has taken the Indian market by storm. Available in multiple stores across India, the brand perfectly caters to the Indian needs by offering handbags of various sizes and colours as well as long lasting durability. Its bags are both affordable and easily accessible as they are offered at more than 800 sale points in the country.

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4. Lino Perros-

Lino Perros woman bag In India

Launched in the early 1990, this brand was warmly received by the Indian consumers owing to its affordability and stylish designs. One of the main reasons for such cheap prices is the fact that the brand has its own manufacturing facility which allows it to produce and sell the bags at a lower price than its competitors. The brand’s bags come in subtle and bude colors which never go out of style.

5. Lavie-

Lavie woman bag In India

This brand has made its presence known both offline, that is, in stores and online on the e-commerce platform. Launched a decade back in 2010, the brand has increasingly become popular among college goers for its funky designs that perfectly suit a millennial’s personality. The bags produced by the brands are affordable as it targets the middle and high income groups. The parent company behind this brand is Bagzone. This brand specifically targets the ladies’ handbag market.

6. Hidesign-

Hidesign woman bag In India

This brand is a success story of how a two-man workshop turned into one of the largest and the most reputed baggage brand in the industry. With elegant stores and beautiful interiors, the brand has carved a niche for itself. Its designs and quality are something you can always look forward to without the fear of disappointment. Apart from the Indian market the brand has also made its presence known in the UK and the US. While it bags can have a price tag a little above the average price, it justifies every ounce of money being spent on it.

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7. Ladida-

Ladida woman bag In India

It was the early 2000s when this brand was founded and since then, the company has gained a reputation for being one of the most ethical brands in the business. Having ditched animal leather, the company utilises synthetic leather to produce its products. Its designs are unique and different which makes it stand out from its competitors. This cruelty free method of manufacturing is one of the Unique Selling Points of the brand which allows it to differentiate itself from the other brands in the market.

8. Fur Jaden-

Fur Jaden woman bag In India

This luxury brand caters to the higher income group in the market. Its aesthetic and beautifully crafted bags are definitely a steal. This brand justifies every penny you splurge on it. Its vibrant colours paired with sophisticated designs is what makes it a hit among consumers. The brand offers a variety of handbags and backpacks for both men and women. Its products are sold online on Amazon from where one can purchase them.

9. American Tourister-

American Tourister woman bag In India

If you’re looking for bag packs or luggage bags look no further than this brand that provides style, durability and the toughness at an affordable and pocket friendly prices. One of the most popular travel bags brand, this company has proved time and again why it is one of the leading brands amongst Indian consumers.

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10. The House of Tara-

The House of Tara bag In India

Best known for it’s fun designs paired genuine craftsmanship and vibrant thread-work, this brand is definitely a hit when it comes to the bag industry. Started just a few years back, the brand has quickly established itself as one of the renowned bag manufacturers in India. The brand has captured the market with its coloured combinations and intricate yet comfortable designs, making it an instant hit among customers.

11. Esbeda-

Esbeda Woman Bag In India

This brand entered the market with a retail showroom in 2006 in North Mumbai. This brand has built its reputation with over 18 years of experience in the baggage industry. It offers a wide variety of products apart from bags such as bridal wear as well as formal wear. The company has established its manufacturing facilities across Taiwan, China and Korea  to meet the ever increasing demand in the market.

12.Van Heusen

Van Heusen reflects elegance that is beyond description. An Aditya Birla Group product, Van Heusen ladies handbags are designed according to the multi trends of today’s world. From professional arena to casual party spaces, these purses can be taken anywhere and everywhere. They come in all shapes and sizes to suit all the needs and requirements of a cosmopolitan woman. These products define extraordinary in a subtle way. They bring the fashion forward and stress upon self expression and individualism. The prices are

Van Heusen woman bag In India

13.Diana korr

Diana Korr woman bag In India

A premium luxury brand that produces tote handbags for all kinds of carrying needs. These handbags are built with supreme PU material and redefine fashion sense and beauty. The Dk handbags are light weight and easy to carry. Each woman is unique in their own way and Dk bags cater to each one of them. Diana korr is a luxury brand so the cost of these bags are a little above than the average. However the good quality material and durability makes it a worth buy. You get what you pay for.

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14. Aldo

Aldo woman bag In India

Aldo handbags give a classy hue to your outlook. They are made with supreme quality material and are smoothly finished. What makes them distinguished is their durability and perfect fit. The tote bags have classy colors that enhances your wardrobe. These handbags suffice all your carrying needs as they have wide compartments that can be quickly accessed. They are a luxury brand in true sense because Aldo handbags nurture quality above all.

15. Ted Baker

Ted Baker woman bag In India

If you want to pick something that is pretty yet practical, then ted baker bags are something of a huge deal. Ted baker is a luxury British brand. These handbags are easy to clean and store. They specialize in producing plastic like vinyl bags that are often considered as their signature product. Something that is classy yet stylish, go for these handbags if you want to stand out in the crowd.

16. Coach


Coach New York is an American brand for stylish accessories, handbags, perfumes, etc. Founded in 1941 in Manhattan, Coach has made its presence in several countries and offers luxurious handbags at decent prices. The brand has its showrooms spread across India and is also available at e-markets.

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Q1. which handbag brand is best?

A. Baggit

Q2. what is the most luxurious handbag brand?

A. Baggit, Da Milano, Lino Perros, Caprese.

Q3. which handbag brand is most expensive?

A. Guess, Da Milano, Hidesign, Fossil and Aldo.

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