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Top 15 Ladies Footwear Brands in India

Women and shoes is something that has been going on for years now. It is widely believed by a few that women cannot do without a good pair of shoes or two. It helps them attain the perfect look with their outfit and makes them look socially fit enough. A good designer sandal or shoe that you would find online or even in the shops would surely fetch you good compliments.

In fact, shoes are not just meant for style and fashion. Shoes play a great role in protecting your feet as well. From the sharp objects that could be lying around and everything else, your feet are protected. Whether it is an office or a party, shoes are there for every occasion.

Whether you want to go out for a jog with your friends or want to go for a casual outing. You would find so many options available both in the market and in various online stores as well. The Indian footwear market, you would find shoes catering to every taste and style to suit everyone. You would be able to flaunt your amazing shoes wherever you go. With unique features that would make them feel extra light and would cushion your feet, shoes are available in various budgets without putting a dent in your pocket.

You definitely would be the show stopper at any place, when you would astonish them with your stunning designer shoes. The shoe market has come with so many variants to cater to all the needs, and preferences of each woman. It would be definitely unique to how you love to style and would look good with your elegant legs. Thus, here are some brands that are considered as top 11 ladies footwear brands in India.

1. Addons

When you are searching for the leading shoe brand in India, then Addons is one such brand that you cannot ignore. They have a remarkable collection of shoes which would leave you awed. And not just shoes, you could go for various bags and accessories from them as well. If you are a fashion lover, then this would be the right place for you. Whether it is a party or a casual gathering, they have the perfect shoe for each event with gloss finishing. If you are looking for sandals then they are durable and would go with your best outfit which would surely turn eyes.

2. Metro:

With the latest trend which Metro follows and a marvellous collection of your favourite designer shoes, this place would be the perfect stop for fashion lovers and shoe lovers alike. From bridal, ethnic, party wear as well as casuals and formals, you would find shoes for every attire in different designs and patterns. You could also visit their official website to get your favourite shoes delivered at home. ·

3. Liberty:

One of the oldest and trusted brands which would provide you with quality shoes from which you would not be able to take your eyes off. You would find some unique designs and styles with Liberty, and it is a brand which has a huge number of satisfied customers. You would find some great sports shoe in there and you could visit their official website as well. These are a must-have when it comes to your wardrobe and would not put a dent in your pocket.

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4. Clarks:

Sandals in articulate designs is something that you would find in there. Uplift your style quotient with some great designs from Clarks that would leave eyes on you. The unmatched collection of footwear that you would find would enhance your look even further.

5. Mochi:

This is another store that you would find everywhere. With a wide selection of the latest fashion which would leave you asking for more. You would get so many designs of shoes there with embellishment. You would find so many designs to go for. It would be suitable for everyone women’s living a lifestyle where style is an integral part.

6. Huate Curry:

This is a major brand which is a part of the famous Shopper’s Stop and provides you with a wide range of women sandal that would help you create a great fashion quotient. Following the latest trends, they have shoes that would give you a classy look and would earn you numerous compliments.

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7. Catwalk:

This is brand with its headquarters in Mumbai and was established in the year 1990. They every year comes with the spring collection and with floral designs and pattern, this would be a great brand that you could go for. Get the latest collection and their USP has always been providing customers with quality shoes at a friendly budget.

8. Regal:

This provides you with some of the best summer collection when it comes to footwear. Buy the latest designs from this brand, and you would not regret your decision. The soft sandal would make walking seem like a catwalk. You would get various designs and vivid colours and your shoe closet would be incomplete without this brand.

9. Valentino:

This started in the year 1985. The brand provides you with genuine leather shoes that you could use with formal wears. They are durable and would go on for long and are stylish as well. They have amazing customer service and if you want the uber stylish modern formal look, and then this is one brand you should look into.

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10. Inc5:

Another branded show brand that you would find online, and in stores as well. They offer shoes for the stylish and fashion-conscious. They are comfortable, come in various designs and are durable as well.

11. Khadim’s:

This is another brand that is a favourite among many. With innumerable stores all over India, this is a brand which provides you with pocket-friendly good quality footwear.

12. Paragon

An indigenous brand of India born in the state of Kerala as been prevailing in the footwear market of India since 1982. Paragon women footwear are an alternative name for affordability and comfort. They find their strength in the robust network of retails and distributers present in every corner of the country. Paragon is the best rubber footwear as they contain fine quality material. The brand is considered as the number 1 in the footwear market. The wide range of footwear styles and types to choose from makes it suitable for all events and occasions.

13. Flite

Flite slip Ons are especially designed for the extreme trails of India. They offer dust resistant and bold rubber wear for comfortable long walks. The material is built with fine quality poly fabric that do not wear away quickly. It has a nice and gentle touch to the elegance of any attire. It goes with ethnics, western, casual or any type of wear. Flite slippers are budget friendly and are suitable for daily use. They do not let the water seep in and hence is an all weather footwear.

14. Birkenstock

The genuine leather unisex brand offers sophisticated looks with premium finish. A luxury footwear brand that builds classy sandals to suit the fashion sense of the best. These footwears are suede lining and double stitching that makes them last longer. The price of a Birkenstock footwear may seem a little high at first but they are a total value for money. The best part of these footwear are the sturdy leather with the thickness of 2.8-3.2 mm as upper material.

15. Pepitoes

The slip Ons from Pepitoes have cushiony foot bed with a light anti slip sole. They have a wide range of footwear products for the varied needs of their customers. These footwear gets along extremely well with all kinds of women clothing. They are a perfect match for all kinds of fastening look. It blends comfort, design and upcoming fashion trend as its core base.

Shoes should be comfortable to wear and should be of good quality to protect your feet. These are some tops brands which would help you determine the top brand that you would want to go for.

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