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1. how to clean woodland shoes?

Clean the shoes with a leather cleaner to get the grime off the top. Any product that has a detergent or contains an acid which destroys the natural oil and makes ageing of the shoe faster so make sure that you use a non-detergent and non-acid cleanser or use a brush to remove the dirt and scuff.

2. how to identify original woodland wallet?

Most of the malls and shops sell fake products especially wallets. Woodland wallets do not have the full logo, it comes either with a name or the tree logo. So check the product on the official website to get genuine and trusted products which are worth your money. The real product has real leather which is easy to spot.

3. woodland which country brand?

Woodland was born in India in 1992. After the break up of USSR into independent states. Aero club which is the parent company could not ship its products to Russia. Hence it introduced the outdoor shoes for India under the name of Woodland. This is one of the best brands in India today.

4. which animal leather used in woodland shoes?

Most of the products of Woodland are marketed as pure leather. But unlike the days in past, the leather that is used in is usually cow bucks or sometimes duck bucks. Apart from these small sources of real leather, Woodland makes its own organic leather which it uses in its products.

5. how to open woodland showroom?

Qualified franchisees can be a part of the Woodland family by investing a sum of INR 50 lakh to 1crore. This varies according to the outlet and the area or zone. The franchise will benefit in terms of performance guaranteed which is generally accorded by the company along with an ROI of 20%.

6. why woodland shoes are expensive?

Woodland shoes are made up of real buff and sometimes organic leather. It has a TPR sole which is heavy but provides you with an excellent grip on the ground. The shoes are made of good quality material and it is long-lasting which is why these are expensive in price.

7. how to know original woodland sandals?

The original woodland shoes have a really small logo and it is mostly hidden. It is very easy to know if it’s real or not. You can also scratch the brand on the boots a touch bit to ascertain if it’s slump or not. just in case of the first woodland shoes, the brand will never begin .

8. what is the meaning of woodland?

Over the years, the appetite for adventure sports has been on the increase. The definition of Woodland is a spirit of adventure. A spirit which desires to succeed in the furthest future, a spirit that is to crave the venture into something unknown. This is the real meaning the Woodland holds.

9. how to take care of woodland shoes?

Regular cleaning is good but it is advised to clean once only when it has soil, dirt or stains over it. You need to take more care of these if they are of special quality. There are several products available in the market such as shoe polish, brush, soft cloth, vinegar, using which you can clean your shoes.

10. how to identify original woodland belts?

Woodland blets are made up of real leather and is easily distinguishable. There will be a small logo at the end of the belt or on the buckle. If it is original it will be intact even if you scratch the logo several times. The fake ones don’t stay over a long period.

11. what is the price of woodland sandals for men?

Woodland comes with a great range of men sandals. The quality of these sandals are the best and it is durable and long-lasting. The price range is 1500-2500 INR for the sandals available at Woodland. The piece might seem a bit high but it is worth paying. You will be surprised by the extraordinary quality of their products.

12. how to wash woodland jackets?

The best way to keep leather clean is to use a humid cloth and rub on the stains. Hang jackets on a good hanger, in a dry, well-ventilated closet, as often as possible to avoid the fabric becoming out of shape easily. Leather jackets are more susceptible to water stains when they are not properly treated.

13. how long do woodland shoes last?

Woodland shoes are made up of great quality material which is long-lasting and durable even if you use in rough conditions. A good and original Woodland shoe can last up to five or six years without rear or tear. Only make sure that you use it properly and clean it regularly to keep your feet shoe and feet in good condition.

14. how to get woodland franchise?

Taking up Woodland Franchise is easy than one can think of. You need to do the registration by paying an amount of INR 50 lakhs to 1 crore. The amount varies according to the location or zone where you want to open Woodland showroom. It is quite profitable as well with an ROI of 20%.

15. how to check original woodland wallet?

Identifying Woodland wallets is easy. The leather which is used in production is of great quality and it doesn’t get any kind of water stains over it. It has a small logo of a tree or a name written over it which doesn’t come off even if you use it for a long time.

16. woodland launch in which year?

Woodland launched in the year 1992 in India. After USSR broke into several different states it became difficult to trade. The Aero Club which is the original company couldn’t send its products to Russia which is why it came up with Woodland products in India and got a huge market with time.

17. which is better woodland or red chief?

Woodland is more preferred brand than that of Red Chief by the adventurers and other such people. Woodland has positioned itself as the adventure shoe brand right from the beginning. It is the most preferred shoes for the hikers, bikers, mountaineers, and other adventure lover people. It is of good quality material and long-lasting as well.

18. what is the price of woodland sandalsfor men?

Woodland sandals are one of the most preferred shoes for office wears and other activities. They came up with several different ranges and colours for you to choose from. The price range is 1500-2500 INR and above. The price is slightly high but the product is worth the money you pay.

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