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The Joy Of Holding An Outdoor Music Festival In Your Community

Do you live in a community that feels as if it’s been left behind the times? The tides of industry that once filled your area with life have ebbed and flowed away, leaving you and your fellow denizens high and dry. The thing is, you all love living there, but without some kind of an economic boost, your neighbours will slowly trickle away until your once vibrant community is just a ghost town. If this is happening where you live, you need to start thinking outside of the box in order to find a way to bring people back, and keep them there! Fortunately, we have a suggestion for you, and we think it is a good one- hold a music festival! 

Holding an annual music festival has saved many dying communities from oblivion, and brought them a new life, fame, and yes profits! The recipe is fairly simple, start by choosing a nearby location like an open field that has good road access, set up a stage, obtain a power supply by arranging for a generator hire in Sydney, come up with a catchy name and theme that suits your community in some meaningful way, create promotional materials, and begin to contact musical acts and invite them to come play! 

The following are some of the positive effects that outdoor concerts can have:

Enough Space To Enjoy In – Outdoor music festivals have plenty of open space for large crowds to enjoy themselves in. The audience feels like they are part of something bigger that can induce a profound sense of togetherness. People are free to dance, move about, and socialise with fellow attendees. This creates a communal effect that will draw people back to the event year after year, making them a part of your community!

The Power Of Nature – By holding music festivals in an outdoor space you are taking advantage of the ambiance that nature provides. People can enjoy the fresh air and take in the local scenery, all while grooving to the music. This powerful communion with both nature and other concertgoers is a fantastic feeling that gives everyone a beautiful sense of connection they will never forget.

Creative Flexibility –  Outdoor music festivals are an opportunity for creative people to fashion a musical stage and surrounding space that is really special, and that tells the community’s story. Elements of the surrounding natural world can be drawn upon for inspiration, as well as the area’s unique cultural history to fashion a synergistic experience that is memorable and very special for all involved.

Celebrating The Season – Your outdoor music festival can be designed to be an event that marks a special time of year in the community, with decor and themes that showcase its relationship to the season chosen to hold the event. For example, an Autumn Harvest Celebration, or a Joyous Rite of Spring!

When planning your outdoor music festival you must be aware of your state’s local ordinances and make sure that you receive the proper permitting and guidelines, for example, this event planning toolkit from South Australia. We hope this inspires you to spark new joy in your community by holding a music festival!

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