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3 Foods for Lustrous Dog Coat

Good-quality dog food available online serves various roles in ensuring the healthy growth of your puppy. For instance, it contains DHA for vision and brain development, calcium for stronger teeth and bones, and proteins and vitamins C and E for a higher immunity power. As important as these functions is the maintenance of the lustrous coat of your furry buddy. Apart from branded dog food, certain food items in your kitchen can help maintain the lustre of your dog’s coat. Here are 3 such foods you can feed your dog to keep his coat shiny.

3 Foods for Shiny Dog Coat

  1. Fish

Fish is a rich source of protein and therefore, a great addition to your dog’s regular meal. Moreover, it contains omega-3 fatty acids to improve the shine of your dog’s coat, help with allergies and reduce inflammation. Dogs can eat a wide variety of fish. However, keep your four-legged friend away from varieties of fish like tuna that contain high levels of mercury.

Although fish is a good supplement to your dog’s meal, ensure to cook it thoroughly and feed it in moderation. If not sure of the right feeding quantity, simply buy dog food online that contains DHA (an omega-3 fatty acid) from fish in the right proportion to serve the same purpose.

  • Chicken

Chicken is abundant in omega-3 fatty acids and lean protein which can benefit your dog by improving the lustre of its coat, promoting healthy skin and building lean muscle mass. 

At dinner, you can give your pup a small amount of boiled skinless chicken once or twice every week. You can otherwise give it as a reward after training sessions. Just remember that it should be plain without any seasonings, butter or salt. Alternatively, you can just purchase dog food online that comes with chicken to serve the same function.

  • Oatmeal

Oatmeal is a beneficial cereal filled with fibre and many other essential nutrients. It contains linoleum acid and vitamin B to help maintain your dog’s healthy skin and shiny coat.

If you wish to give your furry friend oatmeal, mix it with water. Besides, make sure you have fully cooked it and it cools down before you give it to your dog. Avoid serving it with your favourite toppings like chocolate or raisins since they are deadly to dogs. For every 20 pounds of cooked oatmeal, begin with 1 tbsp.

How to Combine Multiple Vital Ingredients in One Dog Meal?

For that, consider buying branded dog food online that contains a wide range of ingredients loaded with nutritional benefits. For instance, you can choose one that is formulated with:

  • Dehydrated fish protein
  • Hydrolysed chicken protein and chicken oil and 
  • Cereal products
  • Soluble fibre
  • Many other beneficial ingredients like DHA from fish, calcium, invert syrup, minerals, vitamins and milk solids

Buying dog food online that contains a combination of multiple important ingredients can not only help maintain your dog’s lustrous coat but also promote growth in many other ways. It removes the hassle of feeding him different foods. Remember to check dog food prices and opt for the best product in a certain price range.

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