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Is Metal An Energy-Saving Roofing Option For Your Home?

For many homeowners, energy efficiency and lifespan take center stage when deciding on the right roofing solution. And metal roofs are a clear winner when it comes to longevity – they last for about 40 to 70 years! But are metal roofs energy-efficient? The name ‘metal’ instantly triggers sights of hot roofs in barns and farmhouses that make living uncomfortable. Hence, homeowners may be apprehensive about installing metal roofs. But it is far from the truth.  

Read on to know if roofing metal is a good choice to make your home energy-efficient.

All About Metal Roofs 

Rising energy bills are one of the biggest concerns for homeowners today. Adding to the woe is an increasing carbon footprint due to large-scale home constructions. The growing awareness of energy savings has spiked the demand for metal roofs recently. Unlike the common misconception, metal is one of the most energy-efficient roofing options available nowadays.  

Metal roofs have journeyed long to become aesthetically pleasing, more durable, and energy efficient. Technology advancements have changed how metal roofing panels are constructed and installed today. So, what makes metal roofs highly energy efficient? 

  • High reflectivity: Modern metal roofs come with high reflectivity ratios compared to asphalt shingles. Roofs with asphalt shingles trap the sun’s heat and absorb it into your home’s interior. Hence, the indoor temperature may rise by up to 25 degrees. On the other hand, metal roofs reflect the heat and prevent it from getting trapped inside your home. This keeps the indoor cooler and you can reduce your energy costs significantly in cooling. 
  • Emissivity and Thermal Emittance: The rate at which your roof can release/emit infrared energy back into the environment is known as emissivity. Thermal emittance, on the other hand, measures how efficiently and quickly your roof can cool down by emitting thermal radiation. Metal roofs have high emissivity and thermal emittance ratios, making them the ideal choice for energy-efficient homes.  

Metals have high conductivity ratios that aid in high emissivity. When the sun’s rays come into contact with the roof, the heat spreads quickly across the surface and emits the energy back into the atmosphere. The atomic structure of the metal, with free-flowing electrons, is another factor contributing to its high thermal emittance rates.      

  • Insulation: Insulated metal roofing panels are the ideal choice if you want a practical and effective way to make your home energy efficient. Insulation may also reduce condensation and prevent mold and dampness inside your home. 
  • Ventilation: Metal roofs are often installed in a way that leaves enough room for air circulation and ventilation. Your roofing contractor will create a gap between the metal panels and the roof, allowing hot air to escape easily and improve the circulation of cooler air. The ventilation system above the sheathing also prevents the sun’s heat from building up and getting trapped in ceiling areas or attics. 

Wooden shakes and asphalt shingles are directly installed on the plywood, leaving no gap for ventilation. As such, heat energy from the sun gets trapped underneath the roof. This increases your home’s heating and cooling costs while impacting its energy-efficiency levels. 

Are Metal Roofs Compatible with Solar Panels?

Solar panels can make your home more energy efficient. It helps reduce energy consumption as your heating and cooling needs are met by the sun’s heat. This also helps minimize your carbon footprint. Metal roofs support solar panel installation and ensure long-term savings on your energy bills.    

The solar panels can be mounted over metal panels, which aids in quick installation. 

Metal roofs have a 40–70-year lifespan, which is longer than solar panel durability. Conversely, asphalt shingles have a limited lifespan of 12 to 14 years. So, you may require replacing your roof long before the solar panels expire. 


Metal roofing is an ideal option when it comes to energy efficiency and long-term protection against environmental elements. Metal roofs stand ahead in the competition in terms of energy savings, durability, and eco-friendliness. Additionally, metal roofs are aesthetically pleasing too. Metal roofing continues to grow in popularity due to its many advantages and is here to stay for years to come.   

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