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The Soothing Pleasure Of Having A Hot Tub In Your Home

One of the things people who have been on holiday report liking the best about their hotel experiences is relaxing in the hot tub. After a hard day of sightseeing, being able to immerse yourself in soothing hot water that gently saps away all the aches and pains is a little slice of heaven. Hot tubs are a wonderful perk when travelling that we look forward to, but imagine how nice it would be if, after a hard day at work, you could come home and relax in your very own hot tub. It’s possible you know, and maybe not as difficult as you think!

If the idea of a watery oasis in your home sounds good to you then read on, and we will explore some of the steps you will need to take to bring the comfort of a hot tub into your home. The first thing is to think about where you are going to put it, indoors, outdoors, or somewhere in between! Before you decide on the right spot, bring your trusty plumber in Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs around to make sure your water system can be set up correctly to handle the new addition. If you are planning on installing in an existing bathroom that has enough space, or another room indoors, then you will need to make sure your flooring is sturdy enough to handle the weight. Proper drainage and ventilation are also an issue, hot tubs tend to make the surrounding area a bit damp. Your available space will also have an effect on the size of your hot tub, so bear that in mind as well.

Many people opt to put their hot tub in the backyard or garden, but make sure you have a safe, slip-proof path leading to it that can be traversed in bare feet and that is well-lit at night. Another popular place for installing hot tubs is out on the deck, where you have the best of the indoor and the outdoor. There are some drawbacks to outdoor tubs however, inclement weather and insect pests can put a real damper on your relaxing soak.

All of the above are good options, but our preference is to construct an add-on to your home purpose-built to accommodate a hot tub of any size you choose. If you go this route you might as well go all the way and create your spa complete with a sauna! It’s guaranteed you will be the envy of all, and it makes a great place to entertain in posh resort style.

If you are purpose building your hot tub haven it will be much easier than retrofitting an existing space because you can choose the perfect materials and design up front. You can pick the best water-proof flooring, and place the drain and fixtures where needed. Another thing to keep in mind is your hot water source, there are many energy-efficient systems to choose from.


Happy Hot Tubbing!

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