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This Birthday, do it right, here’s how

Weekends are happy days, anniversaries are delightful days, festivals are sunny days, but the kind of happiness that explodes on a birthday is simply incomparable. A birthday is to celebrate souvenirs, achievements and to feel good and proud of one more year that we excelled and outshined all expectations. Each Birthday we come ahead one more year, but it still is a joyous occasion as it marks all the good things we achieved in our lifetime.

If birthdays are that big a deal and are loved by people all over the world, why is it that on the day of action, sometimes we forget to congratulate our dear ones? This year, let’s not let it happen, no losing hopes and charisma, when floods of exotic and mind-boggling options are waiting. Plan a bash for your loved ones and make them feel special and deserving. It’s time to go insane over one more fantastic year passed by and have a mini convocation, let’s begin:

  • The cake, the party starter

It is a universal fact; no birthday bash starts without a perfect cake. This time spare yourself of waiting in queues and order birthday cake online in mouth-watering flavours ranging from the classic Vanilla, Black Forest and Chocolate to the dramatic and trendy Red Velvet, Coffee, Brownie and whatnot.

  • The midnight surprise

Let’s make it a point. Birthdays start at midnight and should be prompted to celebrate then only. With only 24 hours, how can you let the night go? Start early, gift your loved ones a midnight surprise with a cake, a bouquet, a greeting card all delivered without their knowledge. Who knows you could be the first one to feature on their insta story.

  • A mini day out

A few hours of celebration and a whole day of endless fun is incomparable. Plan a surprise mini-adventure trip for the birthday boy/girl commencing with a long drive to a nearby tourist spot, followed by a lunch date, a mandatory photoshoot ending with a decent movie night with some popcorn and snacks. After all, a birthday means some weight gain.

  • A theme party

Planning theme based birthday bashes is easy considering you know your friend well. Pick their favourite colour and make all possible arrangements in that colour only. Just like you say, paint the sky red. Beginning with decorations, gift packages, clothes, table settings and everything else in one single favourite colour, just imagining gives us goosebumps.

  • A bucket list extravaganza

A new trend and a very efficient one as well, the bucket list is the easiest and a beneficial option. Get your loved ones to make a list of things they want and get everyone else to contribute, and you will then prepare a fleet of presents and that too, all their favourites. Or you can give them the liberty to send you online links of the things they like, and you can order for them, their little packs of happiness.

  • Not a single day but a birthday month

It is not new to start posting insta stories one-month pre-birthday. But how about going a little over the edge and preparing a spree of gifts, one for each day of the month. With one little gift being delivered to them every day, it will be memorable and sentimental. It will be like a festive season only better since it’s only theirs and no one else’s.

If you have a special one in life who you think deserves all this love and gesture, then don’t hold back and surprise them with something like never before; something they would never expect and will remember till the end of time. They might not be able to thank you enough, but they will adore you till the bottom of their hearts.

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