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3 Great Benefits to Artificial Grass

In the nineteen ninety-five hit movie, “The Brady Bunch Movie,” the sitcom family has been reimagined for the nineties.

At one point, all of the Brady’s neighbors are standing around discussing how strange the family is. 

“Their favorite activity is potato sack races,” one of them says.

“I heard their maid works for free,” said another. “I can’t understand that, can you?”

“And have you seen their lawn?” Another one chimes in. “They treat that artificial turf like its real grass.”

At this, the group of neighbors reacts in shock. How could a family dedicate their time to caring for their artificial lawn? Perhaps they did it out of love for all it could do for them. Even though the family lost interest in their pet dog, Tiger, they never lost the love they had for their artificial lawn.

In this article, we’re going to discuss three ways that artificial grass can benefit you and your family.


If you’re a part of a Home Owner’s Association, you know that they can be strict about their guidelines. Many set standards for how the exterior of a home can be decorated. They also dictate how a yard can look. Click here for more information about HOAs.

Organic grass can be difficult to maintain. If you and your family are anything like the Bradys and you enjoy potato sack races or other outdoor activities, you may find that areas of your lawn become patchy over time. These spots will usually require you to re-sod the terrain in order to create the uniform look mandated by HOAs.

Instead of replanting every few years, with proper maintenance your man-made grass can last you anywhere from twenty to twenty-five years. That means that if you installed your new lawn system today, you wouldn’t need to replace it until the year twenty forty-two or later. 

A lot will probably have changed by then, but one thing is for sure: everyone likes to spend less time on lawn care and more time having fun with their family, whether they choose to potato-sack race or not.

Environmentally Friendly

Scientists are already warning us about future water instability. The term they use is water stress, and the problem keeps growing. Click the link: for more information.

As the human population grows, the need for water grows. We need water not only to drink, but also to maintain crucial hygiene regimens and ensure enough food growth to keep America fed.

You can be a part of the solution to this problem. Artificial grass needs no watering in order to keep it green and healthy. Because it is not a plant, you never have to water it. If you’ve checked your water bill during the warm-weather months and compared it to your bill in the winter, when watering is impossible or impractical in much of the country, you probably notice quite a difference. With a synthetic backyard lawn at your home, you can practice your golf game anytime you want. Let us design a residential backyard putting green for you.

You can both save money and save the environment at the same time, ensuring that your children and grandchildren will live in a world full of safe, clean, potable water. Not a bad deal, is it?

Maximize Your Space

If you live in a city or in a closely-developed suburb, this next benefit is for you. Because grass artificial requires no upkeep, it can be placed anywhere. That means that you can install yours on top of cement. That means that you can extend your lawn or even create one where one would not be able to exist otherwise.

This has a few benefits. First of all, it looks attractive. Your bright green grass will look more welcoming and homey than a concrete slab.

Second, it absorbs less heat than concrete or asphalt. You or your pets can walk outside even in the middle of the hottest summer day barefoot without acquiring any burns or blisters. 

You’ll be the coolest condo on the block with a brand-new lawn that looks eternally green!

Having pride in our homes is one of the things that make us human. It’s only natural to want the very best. By investing in a high-quality artificial lawn, you can have the best of both worlds. Your property will look great with little to no time spent on maintaining it on your part. You’ll be saving money in the process by eliminating the need to water the grass.

So if you happen to walk into a convention of your neighbors at the local butcher’s shop, you can go right ahead and lift your head and say with pride, “Yes, I have an artificial lawn. And yes, I love it as much as if it was organic. But I save money and the environment my way. Would any of you like more information about it?”

You will almost undoubtedly find the results to be pleasing. 

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