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Bestselling Airtel mobile recharge plans in May

Almost everything today is done online. You want to shop for groceries? Go online. You want to learn how to play guitar? Join an online class. You want to enjoy a movie night? Netflix and chill online. The cellular technology has come a long way. From analog signals to wireless communications and mobile broadband, we live in a highly connected world.

Therefore, it is important to keep your smartphones recharged with unlimited talk time and sufficient data to stay connected round-the-clock! If you are an Airtel user, there are various Airtel online mobile recharge plans you can opt for to fulfill your data and talk time needs. Other telecom giants like Jio and Vi also offer good recharge packs for your usage.

In this article, you can find out which Airtel mobile recharge packs will be most suitable for you, according to your data and talk time usage.

There are various packs offered by Airtel. You can check all of them out on their website or the Airtel Thanks app. One of the bestseller packs you can go for in May are the Cricket Packs! Given that it is the IPL season in May, these Airtel mobile recharge plans for cricket lovers are the best.

The IPL season is here!

The IPL or Indian Premier League’s 15th edition is finally here. The season will end on 29th May. Therefore, this is the right time to recharge your phone with Airtel’s cricket packs to stream the live matches for free without interruptions!

List of Airtel mobile recharge packs for the sports fanatic in you

Here’s a list of cricket packs which you can avail this month

Airtel Mobile Recharge Cricket Packs (Rs.)Data offeredValidityExtra OTT benefit
3992.5 GB per day28 daysFree Disney+Hotstar subscription for 3 months ME  
8392 GB per day84 daysDisney+Hotstar subscription mobile for 3 months at no extra cost  
4992 GB per day28 days1-year free subscription to Disney+Hotstar mobile
5993 GB per day28 daysFree 1-year mobile subscription of Disney+Hotstar
29992 GB per day365 days1 year Disney+Hotstar subscription for free
33592.5 GB per day365 daysDisney+Hotstar for free for whole 1 year

Talk time for local and STD calls is unlimited with the above plans.

Additionally, these packs also provide the following common benefits:

  • Free Amazon Prime Video Mobile Edition trial version for 30 days
  • Free 1 year subscription for Shaw Academy (Online courses)
  • Apollo 24|7 Circle free for 3 months at no extra cost
  • Free Hellotunes
  • Wynk Music Free

Why are these Airtel mobile recharge packs called Cricket packs?

As you know, Disney+Hotstar is the only OTT platform which has the rights to live telecast the IPL matches daily on its platform. The above-mentioned recharges, as you can see, offer free subscription for 3 months or a year to the users. Moreover, the plans also offer 2 GB/2.5 GB of data everyday which is sufficient to watch a 20 overs IPL match.

If your data is exhausted throughout the day, you can do an Airtel online recharge specifically for data. These are called data booster packs.

Data Booster packs

As an Airtel user, if you need extra mobile data, you can do an Airtel mobile recharge of the following packs:

Recharge Value (Rs.)DataValidityAdditional benefits
14815 GBExisting packXstream Mobile pack
11812 GBNA
1086 GBFree Prime Video mobile for 30 days
985 GBWynk Music Premium
191 GB1 dayNA
30150 GBExisting packPremium Wynk Music

Other Airtel’s bestselling mobile recharge packs you can check out

The most recommended and bestselling packs offered by Airtel are Truly Unlimited packs. Here is a list of a few you can consider for long term.

Long term Airtel mobile recharge packs

Long term Pack Value (Rs.)DataValidityOTT Benefits
3359 (Unlimited calls)2.5 GB per day365 days1-year free subscription for Disney+Hotstar subscription 30 days free trial of Amazon Prime Video mobile edition
1799 (Unlimited calls)24 GB total data365 daysFree Prime Video ME for 30 days
2999 (Unlimited calls)2 GB per day365 daysSame as 3359 pack

In case, you don’t want to make an Airtel online recharge for 1 year, you can do for the company’s mid-range packs for 2-3 months.

Mid-range Airtel mobile recharge packs

Mid-Range pack value (Rs.)DataValidityUnique benefits
999 (Unlimited calls)2.5 GB per day84 daysAmazon Prime Membership for 84 days Xstream Mobile pack for 84 days and 1 free Xstream channel
839 (Unlimited calls)2 GB per day84 daysDisney+Hotstar mobile for 3 months
699 (Unlimited calls)3 GB per day56 daysExclusive offer of 4GB data coupon Amazon Prime Membership for 56 days Xstream mobile pack
479 (Unlimited calls)1.5 GB per day56 daysApp exclusive offer of free 4 GB coupons Amazon Prime Video mobile edition free trial for 30 days

There are other packs of Rs 719, 455, or 549 of mid-range. But the above-mentioned packs are the bestsellers of May and are most recommended for maximum benefits!

Additionally, there are more advantages attached with all long-term and short-term packs. You can check the details on Airtel’s website or on the Airtel Thanks app.

As an Airtel user, if you want to do an affordable short term (1 month) Airtel mobile recharge, here are some suggestions:

Short term Airtel mobile recharge packs

Recharge Value (Rs.)DataValidity
499 (Unlimited calls)2 GB per day28 days
359 (Unlimited calls)2 GB per day28 days + Free 2 GB data coupon
296 (Unlimited calls)25 GB data30 days
179 (Unlimited calls)2 GB data28 days
265 (Unlimited calls)1 GB per day28 days

There are other Airtel mobile recharge options in the short-term section too. These recharges also come with OTT benefits like free Amazon Prime Mobile edition, Xstream Mobile pack with free access to 1 channel, and free Disney+Hotstar Mobile for 1 year!

You need to understand the benefits clearly and then make an informed decision.

Some of the packs also offer cashbacks. Do the right Airtel Online recharge and earn cashbacks of up to Rs. 40. Remember to do these Airtel mobile recharge using the app. These offers are app exclusive. In conclusion, Airtel and other telecom giants offer great mobile recharge packs with unlimited talk time and data. As a user, you need to check out the plans carefully and your usage to make the right decision!

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