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Buy Instagram Comments and Follow Top Instagram Accounts for Web Design & UX design Inspiration to Achieve Sure Success

Instagram today, is known for serving as a versatile and powerful social media platform that all creatives could be highly benefitted from provided they know the best way of using it. As per, Instagram is supposed to be a superbly curated destination to head for, if you are looking for stunning pictures, visual content, and videos that are competing fiercely for receiving the best comments and likes. We know that Instagram content along with chic web design on your portfolio online is surely the right tools you would be requiring for showcasing your creative and innovative web design work and visually present your unique brand in a purely professional light. However, coming up with brilliant web design ideas may not be all that easy.

Moreover, even if you are bubbling with enthusiasm and oozing with web design talent, everybody including you would require a push very much in the correct direction for getting noticed. A discussion about the top web design accounts on Instagram is an effort to provide amazing web design inspiration from a bunch of exceptional design gurus who have mastered the art of web designing. You surely would be inspired by these web design professionals par excellence.

Browse through Famous Web Designer Accounts & Buy Instagram Comments

@ZELDMAN – Jeffry Zeldman

A renowned and phenomenally popular web design personality, Jeffrey Zeldman seems to be the author of a must-have guide for budding web designers called ‘Designing with Web Standards’. He has founded the prestigious Happy Cog studios’ that boasts of a wonderful list of growing and happy customers like Standard University and MTV. Jeffry Zeldman’s Instagram account is being followed by more than 7ooo design aficionados. 

@kem_wd – Kevin Mercier

Kevin Mercier is a well-known web designer based in Paris, France. He is highly skilled in his profession and focuses his attention on primarily interactive User Experience or UX design. He is a highly popular web design personality on Instagram and he keeps posting brilliant design concepts on his Instagram. Just in case, you are desperately in search of some fresh web design ideas, you could draw major design inspiration at @kem_wd.

@ANDREASMHANSEN – Andreas M. Hansen

A multidisciplinary designer who is also, a typographer par excellence, Andreas M. Hansen is from Copenhagen in Denmark. He is a reputed web designer, calligraphy specialist, art director, and highly talented brand identity-maker. He has been traveling, living, and working around the globe hence, he is quite renowned and a sought-after personality.


The famous web design blog called the ‘Smashing magazine’ truly deserves a special mention along with Vitaly Friedman, its reputed editor-in-chief.  We know that Vitaly Friedman a famous personality in the world of web designing. The Smashing Magazine has gained in terms of phenomenal popularity and resources meant for web designers. This magazine is also available in a printed version along with the online one. It has views and tips from some of the web design gurus from across the world.

@SAZZY- Sarah Parmenter

Sarah Parmenter too deserves a lot of acclaim as a brilliant interface designer who has been in the designing business thanks to her innovative and creative designs for the iPad, iPhone, and of course, the web. She is the proud owner of ‘You Know Who’, the well-known design studio. She is the co-host on the popular ‘Happy Monday’ podcast. She has an impressive follower base comprising over 11.1 K followers.

@gtamarashvili- Giga Tamarashvili-

Giga is a well-known UX designer and she hails from Tbilisi, Georgia. She has been posting fascinating examples of web designs and app designs on her popular Instagram account.

@sandercrombach- Sander Crombach

Sander Crombach is a super-talented multi-faceted freelance UX and product designer who is passionate about design and art. A major part of Sander’s famous Instagram account includes all his fascinating and stunning travel photography. Moreover, creatives looking for design inspiration could find useful links to countless awe-inspiring articles on UX design and even product design. You could find instances of his amazing design projects and process.

@nick_buturishvili Nick Buturishvili

Nick Buturishvili is a well-known and very popular freelance UX designer. He has a massive fan following because of his inspiring micro-animations and super clean designs. He has won a lot of acclaims because of his focus on even the slightest details. Minute details boost engagement. Moreover, you could buy Instagram comments to boost overall engagement and online presence.


Even though Cameron Moll refers to himself as an ‘amateur Instagrammer’, he is quite humble since he is a renowned personality in the current web design industry. He is present at global web design seminars and conferences on a regular basis. He is multi-talented and is acclaimed for being an author and a commendable speaker.


This is a reputed and dynamic web design and graphic design studio. We understand that Jen Clark Design offers specialized design and branding solutions for its numerous clients. It is based in Australia but also has studios based in Indonesia. The team is very much in vogue both in the domestic and international design circuits. The team comes up with exceptional instances of their vivid collection of inspiration and creative work on their Instagram profile.


This brilliant collection of diverse kinds of content leads to a balanced feed that depicts pretty vividly what your brand seems to be all about. You must maintain consistency in terms of visual language along with your precise scheduling times. It is not essential to go on bombarding your followers with posts every now and then. You get to learn all these web design and UX design tricks ad secrets from masters in the trade by following the celebrity web design and UX design Instagram accounts.

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