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How to Bypass Netflix Phone Verification?

The history of one of the largest and most well-known entertainment companies totals over 25 years. Since the moment it was founded in 1997, Netflix has grown into a world-known provider of entertainment content. The brand allows watching series and movies online. If your device is connected to the Web, you can stream any video content. Note that the platform is paid and works by using subscriptions.

Video content is supported on Android, Windows Phone, and iOS devices. Although it is streamed online, users can also download movies to their gadgets and watch them without an Internet connection.

Netflix is popular among users since it provides high-quality services and guarantees the smooth running of all video content in HD.

Benefits of the Portal

  • Movies and series are broadcasted without ads. This is the main feature of the platform. If you’re tired of watching minutes of ads and want to enjoy ads-free movies, Netflix is an excellent choice.
  • A wide selection of movies. Video content of any kind is gathered. Here, users can find hundreds of detectives, comedies, horror films, sitcoms, cartoons, etc.
  • All videos run in HD quality. Forget about low-quality content with one-voice acting. No visible defects and perfect customization to any screen resolution are guaranteed.
  • Run on all devices, including PCs, TVs, smartphones, laptops, and tablets.
  • Video content is compatible with iOS, Windows Phone, and Android.

As mentioned above, to use the recourse, clients should register and buy a subscription. Yet, the cost is quite moderate and affordable.

How to Register on Netflix?

Now, let’s consider how to become a client.

  1. First, open the official website or download and install an app if you’re going to use the service via mobile devices.
  2. Study a list of available tariff plans and pick a suitable one for you.
  3. Create a personal account. Indicate all the asked information, as well as think about a password and username.
  4. Select a payment method to pay a subscription. This is the last step of account registration. Further, you’ll have to verify it.

When you confirm all the specified personal data, a text SMS receive Netflix verification code will be sent to the entered phone number.

As you see, mobile phone entering is an obligatory step to proceed to use Netflix services. However, not all users are willing to enter their private numbers due to frequent cases of hacker attacks on the Internet. Fortunately, there is a way to bypass this stage. Let’s clarify how to verify Netflix phone number without entering a real one.

What are Virtual Numbers?

Modern service providers offer to buy temporary online phones that will be fully yours for a subscription period.

Perks of Using Virtual Numbers

  1. An easier verification process. Virtual phones are managed online via a personal account. You do not need a smartphone or any other device. Moreover, there is no need to connect a new SIM card.
  2. Low chances that fraudsters will hack your gadget or profile. The main reason for hiding real data is the high probability of being hacked. As a result, users can become victims of all sorts of right infringement (such as blackmailing or stalking). When using this option, you’ll feel safe when surfing the Internet.
  3. Multiple account creation. If you need more than one profile for any reason, it is not allowed to create multi profiles. Yet, you can buy as many virtual numbers as you need.
  4. Access to forbidden websites. Some portals may impede regional bans. Thus, citizens of some countries can have a limited range of functionalities. Accessing such platforms using an online number of another state will help enjoy unlimited access to all functions.
  5. Users keep numbers with them when relocating or going on vacation. Thus, no important information is lost.

Virtual phone numbers are a useful and convenient solution how to bypass Netflix phone verification and feel protected. Online numbers are used worldwide in both business and everyday life.

How to Connect a Fake Online Phone?

If you want to subscribe to the portal using a fake phone, follow the instruction:

  1. Select a reliable service provider.

The Web is full of offers. Multiple websites provide their services and lure clients. Here, it is important to pay attention to the following criteria:

  • What regions does a service provider cover;
  • Phones of what states are offered;
  • The cost for numbers;
  • Available subscription plans;
  • Other terms and perks for loyal clients.

Surf several platforms and pick an appropriate provider based on this list of parameters.

  • Register on the website.

Newbies should fill out a registration form and verify accounts. Make sure to enter real information.

  • Answer the following question:
  • How many phone numbers do you want to buy?
  • Numbers of what countries do you want to get? Do you need a domestic or a foreign one?
  • For what subscription period do you need numbers?

When you decide on these issues, look through the price list and calculate the cost.

  • Top up your balance for a sufficient sum of money.
  • Submit a purchase request where all the above-mentioned provisions will be specified.
  • Pay for the service.

Further, you’ll be able to set up, adjust, and manage virtual phone numbers online via a personal account. It will be possible to give and receive calls and SMSs directly via a PC or other voice device. The number will be valid until a paid subscription expires.

Netflix is a convenient service for entertainment. To use it freely and feel secure, it is recommended to buy a temporary online phone and specify it instead of your real data. This step will secure you from possible data leakage or stealing. Virtual numbers have many benefits and are used in all spheres of our lives.

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