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PDFBear: Convert Your PPT to PDF For Free!

2020 is a challenging year for each one of us. Some of us have lost one of our members in their families, a friend, and even their jobs. It is a year where people tend to stay in their house instead of going out. Majorities of all employed individuals are doing all their jobs done inside their homes.

This year, people learn more to be techy because everything is now being done through the internet. Electronic documents are vital today, for they are the most used types of programs for work. Writing, composing, computing, and preparing presentations are usually done through electronic documents, mainly through Microsoft. 

The Role of PDF In Powerpoint Presentations 

Powerpoint presentations are usually sent to our superiors to check and for approval or send them to your students as their reference for their studies and research. Sending your presentations on the web might not be that easy, especially for those with a large size that might not be supported by your email. Your document can be altered or changed.

Those are one reason why people should convert their PPT to PDF, keep their files secured, and reduce the size of the presentation without compromising its quality. There are various converters now online, and one of them is PDFBear. This unique and easy to use website can be accessed on any device, and it’s all free of charge.

By converting your files to PDF, it freezes the formatting and layout. That means when you send your files, people can view your slides without having a Powerpoint program installed in their device, and they can’t make any changes. 

Powerpoint Purpose And Uses 

Powerpoint is an essential tool for the ones who are in the business industry. You can create a business plan, organizational structure, marketing plan, processes, and execution strategies. You can make all your presentations interesting when adding multimedia and effects to improve the audience’s focus.

Powerpoint is not for business purposes only. Suppose you’re in the Education and Employment industry side. In that case, PowerPoint is a vital tool in creating lesson plans, lectures, class presentations in a very creative way to improve your student’s focus, especially now that most of the students are learning from their home. 

Convert PPT to PDF Through PDFBear

PDFBear is one of the most reliable online sites when converting your files to PDF or vice-versa. All files uploaded in their website are being deleted automatically once the conversion is done. It is also handy for the website to be opened in any device you are using. Here are four easy steps in converting your slides to PDF:

  1. Choose a Powerpoint presentation that you wish to convert and upload it.
  2. Your file will be automatically converted to PDF. Wait for a few minutes; you can monitor the conversion while looking at the process bar provided. 
  3. When uploaded, you can modify your file in the options provided on the website.
  4. Once done, you can download the converted file for free on your desktop or device. You can also send the link generated by PDFBear for you. Share the link via email or any social media platforms. 

Compress PDF For Oversized Files

The PDF compress tool is being used when your Powerpoint presentation is huge in terms of size in which some can not receive your email due to the small memory of their email. PDFBear can reduce the size of your slides without changing the quality of your presentation. Here are four necessary steps on compressing your files:

  1. Press choose files and select the files you want to compress by adding them.
  2. Choose the options available.
  3. Afterward, your files will be analyzed and compressed.
  4. After the compressing is complete, your file will be available for download and sharing.

In A Nutshell 

Given the current pandemic situation, we are all in, working at home became the new normal. Business Presentations and lectures are now being shared and presented online. To keep your format safe and contents away from being altered by the receiver, you should always convert it to PDF. You can send your presentation without any problem when you convert it into PDF. Compressing your PDF files also helps in saving your memory storage. 

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