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This is How Webcare360 Solves Streaming Servers Problems

We live in a world where we are streaming everything from music to TV Shows to movies. Still, with all the advancement and the technological leap, there is one common problem: buffering and streaming server problems. If you are an owner of a business and offer streaming services, then WebCare360™ is the right solution for you. It is a privacy-driven hosting company that provides the highest privacy, protection, and secure hosting services to all its customers. You may ask how we can solve the common streaming problems. This is what we are going to discuss in this post:

  1. NVMe Storage
  2. cPanel Powered
  3. Privacy Assured
  4. Fastest Data Transfer
  5. CloudLinux Powered

NVMe Storage- WebCare360™ uses the fastest storage technology that is NVME storage type, making it one of the most reliable storage solutions. It allows the server to process multiple requests from the client all at the same time. Also, faster storage means that all the data packets are delivered superfast to all the clients. You must have seen the difference in speed between your laptop that comes with NVME and the other than comes with the traditional HDD.

cPanel Powered- WebCare360™ servers are cPanel powered, meaning the admin can make all the necessary changes so that they can use the server as per the requirements. cPanel allows the admin to make root changes, customise the entire server and install third-party software to make the server fast and secure, thus offering the best streaming services in the industry. 

Privacy Assured- WebCare360™ is a hosting company that focuses a lot on the privacy of its users. We are registered in the offshore zone of St. Kitts & Nevis, fulfilling the demands of private, secure DMCA servers and offering the highest level of privacy and protection and one of the best hosting solutions in the industry. We are advocates of the right to the speech & believe in the anonymity of our customers.

Fastest Data Transfer- Our servers are designed in a way that makes the data transfer quite fast. We have invested a huge in our resources. All our servers are Linux based, equipped with some of the most powerful processors, and have huge ram. We believe in customer satisfaction; when you host your audio and video files on our servers, you will never regret it, and your clients will enjoy top-notch services. 

CloudLinux Powered- WebCare360™ servers are setups with the latest and latest technology and are powered by Cloudlinux, KernelCare, Attracta SEO Tools, Softaculous & RAID technology that makes sure that all the data are safe. You get to enjoy the fastest server when it comes to performance and data transfer speed. All our servers have Linux as a base operating system that guarantees top-notch performance.

Wrapping Up

At WebCare360™, we aim to deliver the best Offshore Webhosting services at a reliable price. We are the perfect partner for you if you are in the market looking for a reliable, fast and cost-effective hosting solution.

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