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Choosing Between On Airport and Off Airport Parking at Fort Lauderdale

Have you ever taken a trip and been overwhelmed with parking your car at the airport? The search for an open parking lot and space can really be a hassle, especially during peak travel times. No one enjoys circling the lots and garages hoping for the miracle of an open space. No one likes to deal with the traffic created by hundreds of other travelers. Not to mention, there are so many options to choose from. So how do you choose between parking on airport property and using an off-site parking facility at Fort Lauderdale? Read on to find out how the two options compare and decide which is best for you. 

On Airport Parking 

There are a variety of parking options at Fort Lauderdale International Airport. Whether you need to park for a day or two or you need to park for an extended period, there’s an option that will fit your needs. 

Airport Economy Parking 

The most popular option for travelers who will be gone for longer than a couple of days is Economy parking. In this lot, you’ll get the most bang for your buck. Fees for this lot start at $1.50 for the first two hours. The fee is then $.50 for each additional hour, with a daily maximum of $7.50. There is a 

free shuttle that will take you to the terminals once you’ve parked your vehicle. Upon your return, the shuttle is there to return you to the lot. Shuttles are available approximately every 15 minutes, 24 hours a day. If you need to park for an extended time, this is definitely the parking option to choose. 

Valet Parking 

If you’re the kind of person who wants to skip the self-parking adventure altogether, Valet parking is the choice for you. With Valet parking, you’ll drive up and an attendant will be waiting to meet you. All you have to do is unload your luggage and hand off the keys. The attendant will take your car to a secure parking area and you don’t have to do anything! At just $25 per day, curbside Valet service is definitely worth it for convenience. 

Hourly Parking 

If you just need to drop off or pick up a passenger, the Hourly parking lot is the option you’ll want to consider. Fees for this lot start at $3 per hour with a daily maximum of $36. You’ll find Hourly parking at both the Hibiscus Garage, Level 2 and the Palm Garage, Level 1. Note that Hourly parking is not meant for overnight stays.

Daily Parking 

If you need to park overnight or longer, consider the Daily parking lot. Daily parking starts at $3 per hour with a daily maximum of $15 per day. You can find Daily parking areas at the Hibiscus Garage, Levels 3-7, the Palm Garage, Levels 2-4, and the Cypress Garage, Levels 7-9. 

Free Parking 

Disabled Veterans 

Fort Lauderdale International Airport is proud to offer complimentary parking for all Disabled American Veterans. All Veterans displaying a “DAV” or “DV” license plate on their vehicles are exempt from parking fees. You’ll just park your vehicle and make sure to use the cashier lane upon exiting the parking garage. Simply alert the cashier that you are a Veteran and have the proper license plate for verification 

Courtesy parking is also available for vehicles displaying a Florida Toll Exemption permit and for vehicles that are equipped with specialized hand or foot controls and/or lifts or ramps. 

Off Airport Parking 

If you’d rather not park your vehicle on airport property while you are away, there are other options for you to explore. In recent years, private parking companies have cropped up and this service is becoming more and more popular. Oftentimes, these parking companies will get you heavily discounted parking rates. 

Private Parking Companies 

On Air Parking is one of the most popular parking companies for fort lauderdale airport parking. Partnering with four and five-star parking facilities near the airport, On Air Parking is dedicated to getting you the best parking deal available. It’s a simple process: you’ll reserve your parking dates on the website and plug in your location. Shortly after, you’ll receive an email with the parking facility you have been matched with. The email will contain important information such as the location of the parking facility and hours of operation. 

On the day of your departure, you’ll bring your vehicle to the designated parking facility. Once you’ve checked in and parked in the secure lot, there will be a shuttle waiting to take you to the airport. When you return from your trip, just take the shuttle back to the parking facility to retrieve your vehicle. You’re saved the hassle of trying to park at the airport and you’re ready to hop off the shuttle and go directly to your car. 

Even though you’re already getting an incredible deal, On Air Parking gives you the opportunity to save even more money. By opting for an Annual Membership, your reservation fees will be waived. You’ll get invited to exclusive events and have priority access to special offers and new features.

With some of the lowest prices for airport parking and world-class customer service, you won’t regret booking your parking with On Air Parking. 

Park ‘N Go is another private parking company available to travelers needing to park near the Fort Lauderdale International Airport. You’ll no longer have to struggle to remember where you parked your car when you return from your trip. With Park ‘N Go you’ll be directed to an open space by an attendant. Once you’ve parked, the shuttle driver will pick you up at your vehicle and help you load your luggage before driving you over to the airport terminal. When you return, the shuttle will take you back to your car and you’re all set! 

The loyalty program offered with Park ‘N Go will help you earn free parking. You’ll earn points for each day you park. When you’ve accumulated a certain number of points, you’ll be eligible to redeem those points for free parking. 

Self Park FLL offers both short-term and long-term parking near the airport. Your vehicle will be backed in a safe, secure, paved parking lot. Lots are under video surveillance 24 hours a day. The shuttles to and from the airport operated 24 hours a day. 

Choose between outdoor parking and indoor parking. Self Park FLL also offers a loyalty program. If you are a frequent traveler, you can benefit by earning points with each paid parking reservation. Points can be redeemed for free or discounted parking. 

Hotel Parking 

If you’re in need of a hotel and a place to park your vehicle, a park, sleep, fly package might be the best option for you. Hotels have partnered with airports to provide shuttles. If you stay at the hotel, often your parking is free or just a small fee. If you have an early flight, you’ll just check into the hotel the night before. On the day of your flight, a shuttle will be ready to drive you to the airport. Your car is left in a secured, well-lit lot at the hotel for the duration of your trip. Maybe your return flight gets in late. In that case, you can book your night for after your return and rest up for your journey home. 

Many hotels also offer a parking only option. You’re not obligated to book a room with the hotel, but you can leave your vehicle there. Airport Parking Reservations helps you find hotels in the Fort Lauderdale area offering parking options. 

The Bottom Line 

Choosing between on airport and off airport parking at Fort Lauderdale doesn’t have to be difficult. Your selection will depend on how long you’ll need to leave your vehicle parked and what your budget is. With all the different options for parking available, there is sure to be something that will meet your individual needs.

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