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Divorce in Florida: Legal Complexities, Myths, and Statistics

A divorce ends a marriage. It is not a good thing to do, but circumstances force it most of the time. It results from arguments, conflicts, and infidelity. Other causes of divorce are lack of intimacy, both emotional and physical, and commitment. In Florida, the division of property is done equally at 50/50 between the marriage partners.

The process of divorce in Florida is followed to the last without alterations. A divorce attorney is involved in the whole process. Knowledgeable and supportive attorneys will ensure that every spouse gets a fair outcome. This article will briefly elaborate on the legal complexities of divorce in Florida with a few interesting myths and informative divorce statistics in Florida. 

Simplified Dissolution of Marriage in Florida

There is no involvement of under-18 children and pregnant women in this case. This method is simple and cheap. The couples agree on property division and can get a divorce within 30 days. No need for alimony or petitions in court.

Normal Dissolution of Marriage

This applies to irretrievably broken marriages in Florida. This is in the case where there are no options that can help remedy your marital relationship. Here, one spouse acts as the petitioner and files a petition for marriage dissolution. The court will decide on asset division, alimony, the time of parenting, and debts. This should be your choice if you do not qualify for the simplified method.

Filing for a Divorce in Florida

After the petitioner has presented their petitions, a copy of the form is given to the other partner to inform them. Following this (serving the divorce papers), the spouse will agree or disagree to sign the papers. If they do not sign, you will need a sheriff to deliver the papers. You are required to provide a financial affidavit that includes your financial information and is signed. If complications occur in your attempt, filing a case will be your only choice. The court will then determine whether you are eligible for a simplified dissolution or not.

Divorce Statistics in Florida

Florida is one of the major cities in the United States with the highest rates of divorce. Every year, an estimated 50,000 marriage partners get a divorce. Marriages usually take eight years to break. This is mostly because of extramarital affairs by spouses in the first years of marriage (mostly years). 13% of marriages break, that is, 2.6 of every 1000 people.

Myths About Divorce in Florida

In the case of child custody, courts are in favor of women over men

It is not true that judges give women more credit than men. This is not true, as in divorce cases, judges in Florida embrace “timesharing” rather than “custody and visitation.” Parents are given equal time for parenting by judges in divorce cases. Fathers are given most of the timeshare overnights. Equal time-sharing in child custody is one thing that judges hold in divorce cases.

Secondly, it is a myth that the party that looks innocent gets all the marital assets

It might seem reasonable to give the innocent spouse the right to most of the family assets. The thing that the courts consider is the partners’ proving that their marriage is broken and cannot be retrieved. The judges then give an equal distribution of assets and child custody without considering which spouse made the marriage go down.

The myth that children can choose what parent they need to be with

In addition to the child or children’s choice of the parent to be with being considered, the judges also consider all the determining statutory. These will determine the awarding of timesharing by the court.

Divorce is not always the choice, but the condition can force you to ask for one. If you need a divorce in Florida, and you have issues, such as child support, choose a good divorce attorney for you.

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