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Improve Your Storefront with These Custom Outdoor Sign Ideas

Have you ever been outside a place of business, and you just felt like you had to go inside? As if something about it just caught your attention, but you couldn’t put your finger on it? Chances are it had something to do with their outdoor sign display.

Maybe it was bright or colorful. Perhaps the lettering was bold or unique. Whatever it was, it did its job if you ended up going inside the store. Custom outdoor signs are a massive driver of foot traffic for promoting your business. 

If you are interested in learning more about what they might be able to do for you, take a look at a few of the different display options available:

Store or Department Hours 

There is nothing more frustrating for customers than pulling into a parking lot only to find that the business they had planned on going into is getting ready to close or isn’t open yet. A clear display of your store hours with custom outdoor signs lets patrons know precisely when to be there.

Provide Parking Instructions

Speaking of parking, many businesses now have curbside services and various handicapped spaces and spots designated for pregnant women or parents of small children. Identifying these spaces with a sign is not only appreciated by the customers; it helps make sure people don’t park in places meant for someone else.

Advertise Sales or Special Items

If you have a great deal going on or want to promote a specific item, what better way to do that than with custom outdoor signs? They can also announce future sales or “coming soon” products.

Promote Your Brand

If you have a unique logo or other design that points to your business, you undoubtedly want to familiarize your customers with it. All of the most successful stores and brands have an image that people instantly identify with their name; you should too.

Color Contrast to Distinguish from Competitors 

If you have a better price or a similar product with more features than your competitor, you want to find a way to highlight those differences strikingly. Consider custom outdoor signs that showcase your product in green while displaying your rival’s offering in red.

Utilize 3D/Lighting to Amplify Your Signage

3D letters literally pop out, making them more eye-catching and appealing. And different types of lighting such as neon or other bright, vibrant colors can really help take your outdoor sign displays to the next level. 

Create Your Own Custom Outdoor Signs

Of course, these are only some of the choices you have when it comes to the signage at your company or store. You may have your own ideas for a unique sign that can help attract customers/clients. 

Whatever it is, make sure that you partner with an experienced company that does quality work. After all, no matter how good the design is, if the sign looks shoddy, it may end up turning visitors off.

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